Well Here We ARE!

Hello. Yes it is me. I am back. Yes, I know it has been months and it wasn’t you, it was me. Firstly I had a book to launch, that went well. Then I had a trip to make to Europe, that went well. And then I had a book to write, that went REALLY well….never mind, here I am.

My exciting news today is that I have a website. All of my own. I made it. It isn’t extra flash but it does tell you about the books I’ve written and the things I’ve done.

I launched Blood, Wine and Chocolate in March and that was excellent. It has sold well. Even debuted at number one on the Neilson Best Seller List for New Zealand Fiction and stayed on the list for 16 weeks.

Then in April I went to London, Berlin and Munich. It was a research trip for “Rachel’s Legacy” and it was fun and sad and moving and inspiring. I came home and sat down and wrote the book in eight weeks. It has had some editing since then, but nothing major. It has been typeset and I have the reader’s edition in my hot little hand. I ADORE the cover. I think it is haunting and interesting and very classy. The book, itself, will be launched March 9th 2016. It is the sequel to “The Keeper of Secrets” and the next book, “Levi’s War”, will be the third, and last, in the Horowitz Chronicles. If you want to know what “Rachel’s Legacy” is about you will have to visit the website!! I will put a widget thingie on this site, but in the meantime it is


I have much to share with you, but I am also cooking and the kitchen is calling, so I shall be back!

Er, nice to see you, by the way….


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  1. Judith Evans
    Nov 06, 2015 @ 08:22:52

    Welcome back and congratulations on the website. Best wishes for all your exciting Happenings. Best Wishes, Judy Evans


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