Stark Contrasts

It’s only Wednesday and yet it has already been a week of stark contrasts.

I was in Auckland on Sunday and I stayed the night with my Aunt. On Monday I went into the Auckland Museum, a place I spent a lot of time in as a child. In fact, I remember asking Dad to buy it for me so we could live there and he told me that the heating bill would be too high in the Winter. It has had a major make-over and I was SO impressed, it is a wonderful place. I spent hours there and I loved every minute. On the top floor I spent time honouring the brave New Zealanders who have served in wars, some laid down their lives and some returned. I always visit the Spitfire and remember my Dad, that’s the place in the world where I feel closest to him. I found the names of my ancestors, and people from my Dad’s letters, carved into the memorial wall of people who died in the World Wars. The Scars on the Heart exhibition always brings a tear to my eye. I spent a long time in the Holocaust Hall and marvelled at the courage and resilience displayed there. I walked on the Sacred Ground outside and paid my respects at the Cenotaph. Truly the very best of New Zealand.

Last night I was watching the news and I heard about a song that has been written about Killing the Prime Minister and having Sex with his Daughter. I was angry, shocked and appalled. Irrespective of your politics you should respect the office. I know I shouldn’t give the perpetrators of such vile language, I refuse to call it music as that denigrates an art form I adore, any oxygen and publicity. But they are the very worst of New Zealand and they make me truly as ashamed as my experience on Monday made me proud.

In some ways I will be very pleased when this election is over. I’m a ‘political animal’, I do love politics. I love watching debates and watching fortunes rise and fall. BUT this time it has been so nasty, so dirty, so personal and so upsetting. I keep shouting at the TV, “Play the ball, not the man!” I want to hear about policies and it is lost in a torrent of slime. I hold out the hope that most of my countrymen can rise above it all and make sensible decisions and I pray I am right in this.

On a happier note I sit at my computer and I look out the window. Parts of my garden are covered in pea straw and a large collection of birds have found this free nest-building material. I watch as they collect a beak full of straw and fly off to a tree, then come back for more. My pebble garden is finished and it looks superb. I shall organise myself to do a pictorial blog soon and show it off.

So what do you think of this ice bucket challenge thing? It certainly has taken off and yes, it has given us the opportunity to see some very attractive people in wet shirts. The Benedict Cumberbatch video is just superb! And no question, the charity is a very worthy one and hopefully the money raised worldwide will help to find a cure. I’m just glad it isn’t a ‘putting wells into third world countries’ charity because then the irony would be almost unbearable.

I took a quiz on Facebook this morning to establish what my career should REALLY be and the result was writer…phew, thank goodness, too old for another career change.


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  1. Lynne Johnston
    Aug 27, 2014 @ 11:18:11

    Sorry, not feeling too great this morning so decided to give water aerobics a miss. Rang you just after 11.30 am but you must have left. Will see you to night enjoy your rest this afternoon. Lynne


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