Rachel’s Legacy

I started a book yesterday. It is the sequel to The Keeper of Secrets and it is called Rachel’s Legacy. So far I have written 2500 words and four much-loved characters have popped back up. It is flowing really easily and I am loving being back in the company of these ‘people.’ Once again this book will sprawl from pre to post-war Berlin, to East Berlin, reunification and to modern-day Washington D.C. Instead of the horror of the camps we will learn about the incredible bravery of the resistance in Berlin.

What else is happening? The kitchen has been cleaned and the pantry scrubbed and restocked. The deep freeze is full of home kill meat from farmer friends of Jane and I used some of the mince to make Spag Bol last night. It was some of the most beautiful mince I’ve ever cooked with, lean and rich and delicious.

Winter is coming and the temperature is dropping, especially at night. The drought has broken and the grass has greened up everywhere, the leaves on the trees are changing colour and the figs are nearly finished. I gather one or two a day and I suspect the little ones will shrivel up and drop, rather than grow big and plump up. Between you and me, I will be quite glad to not see a fig again for a few months. I still have a huge bag of frozen ripe figs in the deep freeze, underneath all the meat, and from time to time we discuss what to do with them.

We are trying to trap the family of mice that have taken over the house, they never come in ‘ones’ apparently, so, although one was kind of cute and I fed him, he is now legion. We tried mouse traps with peanut butter but they managed to retrieve the peanut butter and not set off the traps. It is war. We need a better mouse trap.

Today would have been my parent’s seventieth wedding anniversary in St Andrews Church up the road. Mum in her cousin’s dress and Dad in his fighter pilot’s uniform. A wedding breakfast on the farm, a spread the Aucklanders couldn’t believe because it was war-time and they weren’t used to farm butter, cream, meat, veges, eggs and fruit. They went to a local hot water spa for their honeymoon but I seem to remember Mum saying that all Dad’s Air Force friends invited themselves along. Happy anniversary folks, I trust you are celebrating it together again at last.

It is also my niece’s birthday and I hope she has a happy day. She’s a great girl, a wonderful Mum and a strong, loving, intelligent, funny, beautiful human being. Well of course she is, she’s a Thomas.

So, time for lunch and a break before I throw myself back into WW2 Berlin and the excitement and terror of being a spy. I love my job.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicola L
    Apr 29, 2014 @ 12:49:52

    Hi Julie – I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Keeper of Secrets. I am a Communications Adviser at the University of Waikato and am currently in the process of putting together our annual Winter Lecture Series, and we would love to have you join us in August to take part in a speaker panel to talk about your experiences of writing and self-publication. If you are able to email me at nlee@waikato.ac.nz that would be fantastic. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Nicola.


  2. Tui Allen
    Apr 30, 2014 @ 09:38:24

    Julie, don’t you have a cat? Get her on the job. And stop feeding those things! Hope the writing is going well. I’m also busy with my Melody Malady and it is going well. There are humans in it this time. Looking forward to reading Rachel’s Legacy one day.


    • jmt4159
      Apr 30, 2014 @ 20:42:06

      Oh yes we do but she catches mice in the shed, she’s not allowed up on the kitchen bench. We caught a mouse in the trap last night and she was given that as a reward for being on patrol. So far round one to the mice, round two to the humans and let’s see what round three brings tonight!


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