Easter Talking

It’s been a week since my last blog and a very busy one. Last Tuesday Jane arrived and I have been helping her to settle in and talking. And talking. And talking. I suspect there are several donkeys around that are minus a hind leg…if you don’t get that, don’t worry. It’s an old saying.

I have to say it has been wonderful to have someone to talk to. It has been a long time. We also celebrated Easter. Jane, like me, is a Christian. Maundy Thursday we went to church for a Christian Seder supper of traditional elements of the Jewish Passover, including lots of delicious lamb, and then we all went into the church for a sombre communion and to strip the Altar.

Good Friday was a 9am service ‘at the foot of the Cross’ which was simple and lovely. We had lunch in town with some friends of Jane’s and then went to the last 90 minutes of the three hour service, which was the “Stations of the Cross.” Very emotional and I had a few tears. Friday night she took me to Hamilton Gardens to see the art installation of “The Stations of the Cross.” Jane is an artist and she has worked on this community project in the past. Each installation talked about a different stop on the path to the Crucifixion and some were very challenging. I really enjoyed it.

Saturday we talked for a large part of the day and Saturday night we went to the lighting of the Pastoral Candle and the Easter Vigil. We served each other communion, which was lovely. Sunday morning was the great big Easter celebration, with a party and chocolate and lots of happiness. Sunday night was the 70th birthday party for one of my dearest friends and we went to a hum-dinger of a celebration.

The last couple of days have been back to work, writing, emailing, planning and doing little housework projects. Tonight I have an AAW meeting (Anglican Association of Women) so I shall make something for supper. I have some very ripe bananas, so I feel a banana cake coming on, or maybe banana muffins with chocolate icing. Over the weekend we stewed a big pot of figs and feijoas from the garden and added spices and ginger syrup and it was delicious!

I have started “Rachel’s Legacy” which is the sequel to Secrets and it is all going to plan. It is very satisfying to be working with characters I know and love. Watch this space! Less talking and more writing.


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