The Cambridges are coming to Cambridge!

Yesterday was our first day on Winter time. At 2am Sunday morning the country put the clocks back an hour. I woke up and looked at my phone beside my bed and it said 6.10am. So I got up and turned my computer on and it said 5.10am. It automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving changes. So do I have an extra hour to work or do I go back to bed? Such decisions. Chloe was eager to get started with the day as changes to human timekeeping doesn’t rate large on her radar. I checked the email then opened the laundry door so she could go outside. A few moments later she was back and wanting to get up on the desk for her morning cuddle. I took her into the kitchen and gave her a few ‘treat’ biscuits, then shut the door and went back to bed for a couple of hours.

Our country is abuzz this morning. We have caught Royal fever. In about four hours the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and baby George touch down in Wellington. They are here for around nine days and travel all around the country. The huge pack of travelling media will get the chance to see, and photograph, our lovely country as the background to the Royals ‘doing things.’ I know they’re racing each other on America’s Cup yachts in Auckland and doing the Shotover River Jet Boat experience in Queenstown. Baby George is staying in Wellington with his Nanny for most of the trip and his parents will make day trips to various parts of the country, fortunately it is an easy flight to just about anywhere. And next Saturday they’re coming to Cambridge! It seems only fitting.

Apparently, they’re doing a drive through the town and are ‘alighting’ at the Town Hall for a light lunch and then honouring our war dead at the war memorial outside the Town Hall. I know there will be people from all around the district and the crowd control will need to be pretty fierce, but I think I’ll walk into town on Saturday morning and see if I can find a nice spot to set up camp. It would be nice to get a glimpse of them and if I manage a photo from afar, I shall post it here. I shall be ‘ThomasBrowne, royal reporter for a day.’

Yesterday was the 6th of April and the temperature in the afternoon was around 26 degrees C/82 degrees F. That is insane for this time of the year. We had one of the hottest and driest March months on record. At some time soon the weather will break and turn cold, wet and windy. Let’s hope it is not during the next nine days when we have important English visitors…when he grows up a bit do you think he’ll graduate from Baby George to Boy George? Or has that title been taken?


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