Life V Art

I was watching an episode of The Black List last night and thinking about how life has imitated art in a very strange way over the past few days. If I described the events of the ‘missing plane’ as a potential fiction plot to almost anyone, they’d tell me it would never work, it is simply too far-fetched. They would say that the technology today is too accurate and a plane couldn’t go missing for over a week with no trace. The combined efforts of highly skilled people and the resources of the most powerful nations on earth would find a missing commercial jet airliner in a matter of hours. Or maybe not.

So why have the stories been so contradictory? Why did they spend days looking in what was, clearly, completely the wrong area of the earth? Now it seems possible that the last contact came from the plane on the ground. So why can’t they get a fix on that?

Say ‘someone’ did steal a plane and all the passengers and skilfully avoided detection on the way to a remote mountain location in Asia. What happens next? Do they ransom the people or do they leave them in the middle of nowhere to be found eventually? If so, we must assume it’s the plane they want. It’s not easy to hijack a plane and turn it into a flying bomb, we all know that, but it’s possible, you don’t have to ‘steal’ it first. That leaves you without a motive and this is a huge thing to do without a motive. It is what writers call a ‘plot hole.’

It has to be the most remarkable aviation story of all time. For someone who is soon going to be making several long distance flights, for the first time in five years, it’s a little perplexing. Apparently you’re at more risk of death in the car on the way to the airport than you are on a plane. Fine. I accept that. But it’s a little like winning lotto, someone does it, and someone might be on the wrong plane on the wrong day.

So the theories will continue to swirl and truth will continue to be stranger than fiction until something definitive happens. Obviously the best outcome would be to find the people, all unharmed and waiting to be rescued. My gut feeling is that that is unlikely. What is absolutely certain is that there will be books and there will be a film and art will take a shot at imitating life once again. Questions, however perplexing, will be answered.


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