Walking like an Egyptian

This morning was glorious. I got up, had breakfast, had a shower, put make-up on and got into jeans and a top. Then I walked across the high level bridge and down Williamson Street to the Salvation Army Hall. Several of my friends were there already. I excused myself and got changed into a lovely cotton Kaftan, a genuine Egyptian Kaftan, I had been loaned. I added a belt of mine, my art deco necklace, a black wig, some sandals and a pottery water jug. Voila, Cleopatra!

It is World Day of Prayer and the country who originated the service this year was Egypt. People of many branches of the local Christian community came together to pray for Egypt and for our own land, to learn and to sing and to worship together. It was a lovely service.

I stood up and talked about Ancient Egypt, the fertile Nile, the Pharos Lighthouse and the Pyramids of Giza. Others talked about being a farmer on the banks of the Nile, being a modern woman in Cairo and being a young woman experiencing the full force of the Arab Spring and the political demonstrations. We sang one of my favourite hymns, “Make me a Channel of Thy Peace.” And we sang one that we sang at Mum’s funeral, The 23rd Psalm.

After the service I got changed back into my ‘me’ clothes and removed the heavy eye make-up I’d carefully applied with a black kohl pencil. It was kind of sad to leave my Ancient Egyptian woman behind. But the pain was lessened by the home baking on the morning tea table. No-one does country home baking like the local church group!

In case you wondered how I look as an Ancient Egyptian woman, it something like this…laugh at your peril

photo (2)


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