Goosebump Moments

This week has been unusually busy. A combination of meetings and aqua-aerobics and a speech, an international day of prayer etc. And almost all on shanks pony. Now there’s an old fashioned expression, for those of you not old enough to know what it means, shanks pony is your legs…walking.

A picture for no reason at all

A picture for no reason at all

Yesterday started with morning tea at a lovely café in the country and a meeting of the judges of the Short Story Competition for the Cambridge Autumn Festival. It was quite a ‘goose bumps’ moment when we realised we had all, independently, come to the same winner. There were a few very good stories and it was close between second and third, but there was a clear, and remarkable, winner. I’ll tell you more about it when the result has been formally announced at a function next week.

Then I went to lunch with three of my closest church friends. We meet at one of our houses for lunch on the first Wednesday of every other month. Yesterday it was out at a lovely house in the country and we had a grand time. Nothing like a lemonade shandy, a lovely tuna salad and great conversation!

Stop three was at Lauriston Park, a retirement village near my home. It’s brand new and very smart. Their book club meets on the first Wednesday of the month and I was the guest speaker. I talked, and they listened, for at least an hour and then I did a few short readings from “Secrets” and then they asked questions. Afterwards we retired to a large dining area for coffee and biscuits and they asked some more questions. As I was leaving one elderly gentleman asked if he could talk to me and told me, and cried as he did so, about a violin he and his late wife had bought many years ago in an antique shop. It turned out to be a del Gesu made in Cremona in 1732. His wife played it and he told me about the wonderful sound it made. When she decided to dedicate herself to her painting they gave away the violin to a young Indian woman who was learning from her. They gave it away. They knew the value of it and they gave it away. He doesn’t know where it is now. It was a conversation, and a ‘goose bumps’ moment, I shall remember for a very long time.

Today I had lunch with another good friend and did my grocery shopping. Tomorrow it is the day for me to dress as an Ancient Egyptian woman for the International Day of Prayer. More goose bumps moments.


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  1. Tui Allen
    Mar 07, 2014 @ 07:44:21

    I would love to speak at Lauriston Park, if ever they need another guest speaker.


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