Autumn Leaves

Today is the 1st of March, officially the start of Autumn. I’m not sure whether it is psychological or completely physical, but I felt the chilly morning air for the first time this morning. The cotton kaftan that I wear in the mornings was not enough to keep me warm so I added fluffy socks and my Mum’s big, fluffy, soft, warm purple dressing gown.

The sky is blue and the sun has already started to shine. The day will be gorgeous and that’s one of the reasons why I love March, the humidity of February is gone, it is cool at night and easy to sleep and the days are lovely. Yesterday it was 28degrees, which is 86degrees to those who use the other scale (the one that is hard to spell) and I would have had a dip in the local pool if it hadn’t been closed to the public because of a school swimming sports.

Yesterday I nearly dressed up as an Ancient Egyptian woman. That is not a sentence I get to use very often. Next Friday I shall do it again, but for real this time. Friday March 7th is International Day of Prayer and the country we celebrate this year is Egypt. It is celebrated around the world with an interdenominational service written by the Egyptian Christians. I get to be a woman of Ancient Egypt and I get to speak about the River Nile and the ancient wonders, the Pharos Lighthouse and the Giza Pyramids etc. My costume is really quite stunning. It is a full length embroidered dress with a sash belt, sandals, a black Cleopatra wig and one of my Art Deco jewelled collars. I think I shall carry an Egyptian-like pottery jug as a prop. We had a rehearsal yesterday and it was great fun, I did take my costume with me in case it turned out to be a dress rehearsal but it wasn’t so it stayed in its bag. There are about seven different Cambridge churches taking part. The Salvation Army church, the venue, is down by the pool and about a 10 minute walk from my home. I’ll change when I get there, not sure walking into town dressed as an Ancient Egyptian will contribute to the reputation of a sane woman that I’m attempting to forge.

Apart from that all is well. My middle brother, Geoffrey, called in yesterday and brought me three packets of wild pork for my deep freeze. We had a cup of tea and a good old natter. He tells me that wild pork has very little fat so needs to be cooked long and slow. The loin should be roasted in an oven bag with a can of ginger ale for a long time and it will be delicious. It looks like it will feed the entire population of Leamington, so I feel a dinner party coming on.
I told him that one of the things I’m going to do while away is visit a shooting gallery and have a ‘go’ at firing a range of different guns, a rifle, a handgun, a shotgun etc. so he gave me a brief lesson on my leading eye and how to handle the shotgun he happened to have in his car. I hasten to add he is a hunter and the presenter, writer and producer of a popular New Zealand television programme about fishing and hunting, so having a gun in his car is a regular and normal thing.

As it is March I can now (officially) say, “I am going overseas next month!” In 43 days, in fact. As it creeps closer I am getting more and more excited. I’ve always loved travel, I even enjoy flying. There is something about getting on a plane and switching off from the outside world, reading, watching a movie, sleeping, in a bubble of time, that I find very soothing. I drink plenty of water and use lots and lots of moisturiser and take homeopathic anti-jet lag tablets, don’t drink coffee or alcohol and do sleep well in moving vehicles of any kind…so I recover from flights very quickly. I am fascinated by people and one of the most interesting things about travel is the people watching, getting into discussions with people, be they staff at hotels or fellow travellers. I don’t find talking to people I don’t know very easy at home, but when I’m travelling, it’s the best part!

It’s Saturday morning and I am walking into town to our local Farmers Market, probably stopping for a swim on the way home. March is the month for the Te Kawhata grapes, local black table grapes with a flavour that is utterly unique. Experts can even tell you which vineyard they come from in quite a small geographical area. All I know is they are a taste of heaven and worth waiting eleven months for. Here’s to Autumn!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sharon
    Mar 01, 2014 @ 08:00:00

    When you are in the U.S. and Canada during your tour, it will be Spring and Summer. The best weather and time of year. Happy Journeys and best wishes.


  2. Tui Allen
    Mar 01, 2014 @ 08:23:22

    Now I have to find some Te Kauwhata grapes.
    Another thing I have in common with you Julie, a love of swimming. I’d love to take you swimming in the swimming hole in our local stream some time. It’s big and deep, way over my head and it has a slight current so it’s fast to swim downstream than up.
    It’s an exciting new era opening up for you, but take care with those guns when you’re in the USA!


  3. jmt4159
    Mar 01, 2014 @ 15:11:38

    I tried this morning Tui, but it is too early apparently. Never mind, I did buy some small, sweet home grown grapes, not quite the same but very nice. And I called into the Town Hall to watch some line dancing. I love swimming and I would LOVE to try the swimming hole in your local stream! I shall take care, I grew up in a shooting and fishing family so they hold no fear, I shot ten cans out of a tree when I was a kid on my uncle’s farm. I’m looking forward to the range!


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