The joy of walking

Lately I have discovered the joy of walking. This is, primarily, because I totalled my car the other day. If you’ve read the post “Out Standing in a Field”, you will know this. If you haven’t, why haven’t you? (small joke)

I came off the road and I wrecked my trusty old car. Before it was mine it was my Mum’s trusty old car and she and I had some adventures in that car! We went on holidays, to funerals, to weddings, to political rallies, to church, to the lake, to the beach, to family dinners and celebrations, to the airport and I even got out once and started walking I was so mad with her. She just kept driving slowly until I’d cooled off enough to get back in. That car was part of ‘us’ and now it is no more. The analogy is too painful, I won’t even go there.

So, I am walking. On Friday I walked down the road and across the high level bridge and to the local pool to do my aqua-aerobics. I can’t swim yet because my neck hurts when I turn my head. And I decided halfway through not to jump up and down on the spot. But apart from that, it was fun. I dried myself off and walked back home.

Yesterday I walked down to the local shops and had a rumble in the jumble shop. They have the best clothes there, I got a skirt and a pair of trousers for $4 in total. I LOVE second-hand clothes, hardly anything in my wardrobe is new. They all have stories to tell and I wonder who owned them and why they ended up in a jumble/opportunity shop. Some of my clothes you could call ‘vintage’ if you were being fancy and some are genuine 1930s pieces, but I don’t wear them in case they fall apart.

After my rumble in the jumble shop I bought an apple and ate it as I walked home, the sun on my back and the radio playing on my phone.

This morning I set off at 8.50am, down the road and across the high level bridge, up the main road of Cambridge and through the garden gate into the church courtyard. It took exactly 25 minutes. I swapped my flat walking shoes for nice pewter court shoes with heels ($5 at another opp shop) to go with my black and white spotted dress ($3) and I was ready.

We had four baptisms today, a beautiful five month old baby boy called Orlando and three boys from another family called Flynn, Rielly and the third one that no-one remembers the name of. It was lovely. A man sitting behind me had the most glorious voice and it was a joy to listen to him singing the hymns. I talked to him while we had a cup of tea and he’s from Edinburgh, he and his wife are here for the day. They’ve visited Rotorua, Taupo and Auckland and have fallen madly in love with New Zealand. I told him if he wanted to stay the choirmaster would welcome him.

Then I swapped my heels for my flat shoes and ambled home. The sun shone and the people were out in force, lunching at cafes and watching the two teams playing cricket on the village green in their whites. It was beautiful. A Summer’s day in one of the loveliest towns on God’s earth. A day to be enjoyed, on foot.


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