Out Standing in a Field

I really shouldn’t joke too much in this blog. It should be serious. I should have my serious face on and I should say in my serious voice…”I nearly died last night.”

Monday night I drove up to Auckland and stayed with my Aunt. She was my Mum’s twin sister and she is getting used to not having a sibling, the same way I am getting used to not having a mother. We yakked and watched TV and ate dinner and yakked some more. I slept well, got up and had breakfast, had a shower, got dressed and we yakked some more.

Then I drove into Auckland Hospital to see my lovely cardiologist. It was my annual “WOF”. I had an echo-cardiogram and an EGC and got weighed and measure etc. Lost 4.5 kilos since the 20th of January (yeah) and when I had a chat to my cardiologist, she was delighted with me. My heart is healthier than it was this time last year and she agreed that a new valve isn’t necessary, ‘steady as she goes’, I’m all set for another year of good health. Lovely.

Then it was over to the North Shore to see HarperCollins. All was good there, too. They love the book I’ve just finished and we are starting to talk serious deals about advances and two book deals and words that sound so sweet to an author.

I got into my trusty steed and took off for home. I listened to music until I got to just south of Huntly, then I put the radio on and rejoiced in the fact that I was nearing the home stretch. As I went round the large roundabout off Gordonton I felt a little dizzy, could be heart palpitation, could be I needed a wee bit of an energy boost and my newly lowered sugar levels were getting a little too low for my own good.

I’m not sure what happened next. One moment I was driving and thinking about pulling over and next there was an almighty bang and the car was resting against a wire and post fence. The engine was still going so I switched it off. I sat there for a long moment and then someone was knocking on my driver’s window so I pushed the button and it came down. He was a nice Maori guy and I just looked up at him.

“I’ve rung the ambulance and the police, love, don’t worry they’ll be here soon.”

I wonder why he’s done that? I thought to myself. Then I realised I was some distance from the road and was in a field. To cut a long story short I passed out and veered off the road. The car missed a large and very solid concrete light post by the tiniest of inches, completely demolished a steel road sign, drove down into a hole, over a great big concrete bump, up a hill, completely flattened a section of wire and post fence and came to rest further down the fence. I was unconscious so my body was relaxed and I hadn’t grabbed the wheel so the car hadn’t rolled down the bank.

The ambulance and police came and they took my precious stuff and put it into my little suitcase and it came with me in the ambulance. I could wiggle my toes but my neck and back were very sore and I couldn’t lift my arms. At the hospital I had a chest x-ray and a CT scan. I was okay for the most part, a little weepy for some of it. Eventually the nice doctors told me nothing was broken but it was wrenched and I was going to be sore. I have an appointment with the fracture clinic in a week and they will check me. In the meantime the collar is restricting but immobility means no pain!

My brother picked me up and brought me home. This morning we went back and surveyed the damage. To say I was lucky is the world’s largest understatement! The car is probably totalled. It has gone to a panel-beaters to be looked over and although it started and was driveable out of the paddock, it has some pretty tangled metal bits hanging off it.

As my brother said, the car is a “tough little bu**er” and it avoided the worst that was in front of me, a huge concrete bridge as well as light posts. Am I sore? In more places than I thought I had places, but that will pass. You may be waiting for me, Mummy, but it was not my time, yet. I have things to do, places to go, books to write and not least I need to warrant being out standing in a field on a Tuesday night more than a little shaken up.


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  1. Barb Sherman
    Feb 12, 2014 @ 18:53:13

    So thankful you are not seriously injured!


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