The Book of My Face

So, Facebook is ten. And they made a little movie of me, for me, to celebrate. It seems to have lots of pictures of Mum and my cat and my first pic seems to be of my knees. Fair enough, they are two of my best features.

I had two goes at joining Facebook. The first time I was freaked out by the public nature of it and the fact that friends commented on my status. On reflection, what did I think was going to happen? Then when I needed all the help I could find to publicise my career as a self-published author, I braved it again. Now it is part of every day life and a source of continuous amusement.

“William Shakespeare shared a link.” How clever is that! It is usually a quote from a play and a picture of an actor playing that role.

The ads on the side bar are, apparently, tailored for me. Is that why they have become ads for travel insurance and airlines and television programme pages to like? But why do I keep being told that Ellen Degeneres is keeping a shocking secret from me? And for a long time I was under the impression that millions of shingles awaited me, until I put my glasses on and realised there was no ‘h’.

I’ve been hacked twice recently. An ‘imposter’ created a page that looked exactly like mine and asked my ‘friends’ to accept a second friend request, then sent them a spam message about some lottery scheme. I changed passwords and ran a six hour scan of my PC to uncover a ‘serious’ piece of malicious spywear. Whoever said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? In this case it is nothing but a sincere pain in the rear end.

And I learn things from Facebook, where else would I have found the perfect birthday cake?

drunk cake

Or found my personality so accurately described?

personality duck

So Happy Birthday Facebook. Are you a waste of time? Not always. I deleted all the games I played after I was hacked and I don’t miss them, well maybe I miss the Majong a little bit. But I love the connection to people and the opportunity to share. And most of all I love the 485 Spitfire Squadron page that sometimes posts pictures of my darling Dad, pictures I had never seen before. THAT makes all the other stuff worthwhile.

Dad flying gear


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