Tropical Smoked Chicken Salad

Every so often I’m going to share one of my favourite recipes. This one is for a salad that is completely versatile and oh, so delicious! You can swap and substitute ingredients to your heart’s content and personalise it. This is how I make it and it feeds me for several days and I never get sick of eating it. In summer, remember to keep it well refrigerated.

For the all important dressing you will need:
One (250gram) tin of mango slices in their own juice
One small (125gram) tin of coconut cream
A quarter of a cup of cider vinegar

You tip all of the ingredients (including the juice from the can) into a blender and puree it. That is all the dressing has and you get to know how you like it. If it is too sweet put a tablespoon more vinegar, if you want it thicker and creamier don’t put in all the juice from the mango tin. Put the dressing into a bowl, cover it and put it in the fridge to chill.

For the salad:
I use one whole smoked chicken which I get from the supermarket. It is pre-packed and smoked whole. It is juicy and delicious and very moist, I find ordinary chicken dry by comparison. If you don’t like smoked, you can use roasted or you can use tenderloin of chicken, marinate them before frying. If you don’t want to use chicken you can use another meat, salmon works well, pork or ham chunks, strips of beef stir-fried quickly…the key is the meat needs to be juicy and full of flavour. Take all the meat off the bones and discard the skin of the smoked chicken which isn’t pleasant.

Add a tin of well-drained pineapple chunks and two medium fresh mangos, one whole apple and one ripe avocado – all in a fairly large dice. To this you can add diced celery, cherry tomatoes, feta etc.
I then boil up about 100grms of pasta. This is entirely optional, if you use it, use a robust pasta, like penne or fusilli. Sometimes I add a handful of cooked prawns or mussels.

Mix it all up together and dress it well with the dressing, put it in a bowl and put it in the fridge to keep chilled. You can serve it on a bed of rocket if you like. Drizzle extra dressing across just before serving.

On a hot summer night, with a glass of chilled white wine, it is a taste of the tropics and it is SOOOOOOOOO Yummy.


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