Rare or Medium

No, it’s not a blog about cooking, it’s a blog about speaking to the dead.

Yesterday I went to my first session of aqua-aerobics at the Cambridge pool. Lots of people and all but one a little older than me. We walked up and down the pool and ran on the spot and then we got ‘noodles’ (long thin foam rubber tubes) and exercised with them. Where else could you be told to ‘sit on your noodle’? It was great fun and good exercise and lots of entertaining company. Afterwards I did a few lengths to round off my hour and then I got out. As I walked over to my towel I could hear Mum telling me that that was ‘well done’ and I was a ‘good girl.’ She and I used to go to aqua-aerobics at a local pool in Auckland and she wore dark glasses so that the water didn’t splash in her eyes. It was an indoor pool and the leader of the class called her ‘Mrs Mafia.’ Cambridge is an outdoor pool and all the clever people were wearing hats and dark glasses yesterday. I shall take note for future classes.

But the point of the story was the fact that I could hear Mum. I talk to her when I am wondering what to do, expressing satisfaction or laughing at something I know she would find funny. From what I have been told this is a common thing and I’m not ready for the nut house. How long does it go on for? I don’t really want it to stop.

Because it is all so new I remember vividly what I was doing in the days leading up to her passing and I’m still at the stage where I long to go back and have those days again. Just a few more cuddles and conversations and jokes, armed with the precious knowledge that these were the last. I am assuming as I get further away from it that that will lessen.

Today is Waitangi Day, New Zealand’s national day. 174 years ago today the Governor of New Zealand (appointed by Queen Victoria) signed a treaty with representatives of local Maori tribes and that treaty forms the basis of our country. It’s a public holiday and we get together and celebrate being New Zealanders, whether we were born here or have chosen to make our home here. I shall celebrate it by doing that quintessentially New Zealand pastime, grocery shopping. Then I’ll go for a bit of a walk around the park.

I’m at the walk/run stage, walk mostly, run for a few trees, walk, run for a few more trees. Then stretch at the end, hug a tree and come home and do some abdominal exercises and feel virtuous.

Over the next few days/couple of weeks there will be some announcements coming about a completed book to come, books to be written, travel plans. I welcome any advice that my trusty readers have on these matters, so prepare to comment! Meanwhile, the sun is shinning and the country is on holiday and Mum is telling me to celebrate.


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