Of Swimming and Things…

I’ve just had a lovely swim. As usual the voices in my head try and put me off, tell me I’m too tired, that I don’t want to get wet, that there is so much chlorine etc. But if I ignore them long enough to put the bathing suit on, clothes over the top, grab the keys and dark glasses, get in the car and drive 5 minutes down the road….magic happens! I stand at the end and I dive in. Lovely temperature and crystal clear water. And I had the whole pool to myself for much of my 20 lengths of the 50 metre pool. 98% freestyle, one length of breaststroke and my arms are killing me by the time I get to the end and half a length of very crooked backstroke until I get so sick of hitting the rope, I roll over and freestyle.

Today was Superbowl and from what I gather it went off without a hitch, apart from the fact that the Broncos didn’t really turn up. Facebook tells me that it was the slowest white Bronco since the O.J. Simpson chase.

And we heard this morning that Phillip Seymour Hoffman had died, in the bathroom of his apartment with a needle in his arm. Incredibly sad. He was a wonderful actor, a man capable of giving entertainment and pleasure to millions of movie goers over several years, and yet his own life was obviously hard.

Talking of movies and television, the writing on some of the new TV shows I’m watching is just superb. “Hostages” has a brilliant premise, a medical/political thriller, with a great cast. I’ve watched “Scandal” from the beginning and I am completely hooked, my goodness President Grant, you’d get my vote, for something anyway. And last night was a REAL cracker, “The Black List”, featuring one of my favourite actors, James Spader. It was engrossing and horrifying and delicious and he played the character with the kind of relish that takes you along for the ride. It’s set in Washington D.C., a city I adore, and I watched every scene with excitement and anticipation. Along with the usual suspects, NCIS, Bones and that cult one with Kevin Bacon…and some QI and Would I Lie to You for light entertainment, it makes for entertaining evenings.

So, I sit here, in a cloud of chlorine, and come to the end of another day. Glad to report the seas on the ocean of grief are calm, a ruffle of wind now and again, but nothing that a bit of music and prayer can’t navigate.

And speaking of prayer, we have a new initiative at church. We’ve opened a Selwyn Centre, a drop in centre for the elderly who are lonely in our community. It runs in the Parish Centre from 9.30 till 12.30 every Monday and this morning I volunteered. It was fantastic fun! The dozen or so ladies and two gentlemen who ‘dropped in’ were wonderful fun. We played mini golf and I did a crossword (next time I’ll take my glasses and will have more success reading out the clues) on a whiteboard, we had a cup of tea and sandwiches, scones, cakes, asparagus rolls etc. Lots of chat and lots of laughter and we all had a great time. I learned about one lady’s family in Scotland and another told me about the plants in her garden.

I thought I could wait and have a shower tomorrow morning but the chlorine wins, back under the water.


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