Sunday Sunday

It’s Sunday, which means it’s church day and that’s nice. One of my best friends is 70 today and I have a wee present for her. Tomorrow is the first of two fairs that we have on the church grounds, the other is in October. There are over 100 stalls and people come from miles around to shop. Hopefully it will be a nice day. The group I belong to, AAW (Association of Anglican Women), puts on the morning tea that people can buy in the church hall. Good old-fashioned home baking. I have some Christmas mince pies in the deep freeze and this afternoon I shall be baking. Nothing too complicated, banana cake with chocolate icing and some chocolate chip muffins with dark, milk and white chips.

Tomorrow I shall be at the hall at 7am to help with the sandwich and asparagus roll making. We will sit around a table and butter and fill and slice and chat and laugh and sometimes even sing. Then from 9am till 2pm we will serve morning tea or coffee and the afore-mentioned home baking.

I am on a health kick! For several reasons, one, to be more healthy and to stop my doctor giving me a metaphorical (well-deserved) kick up the arse every three months and two, to get fit for a rather strenuous three months of travel I have coming up quite soon. I am swimming at the magnificent local pool, uncovered and 50 metres in length and lovely and refreshing. I LOVE swimming. I dive in and away I go, rhythmic stoke after rhythmic stoke, length after length. I started with 10 lengths and now I am up to 16. I also go to the nearest park and walk fast, but that makes me very hot at the moment and swimming doesn’t, so I really do prefer swimming. This morning I had my first reward, after 11 days of my health kick. I test my blood sugar twice a day and this morning it was 6.2….under 7! High five myself. Eleven days ago it was 18.6 and I was very naughty type two diabetic. Now I’m not. Progress.

I’m still riding my ‘Ocean of Grief’. I have decided it sounds like it should be a place on the moon. Most times it is fairly calm and serene, if a little sad. Then I glance over my shoulder and see a Tsunami wave waiting for me, have a double take and it is gone. So maybe it is my mind playing tricks. You remember that scene at the end of “Perfect Storm” when the fishing boat starts going up and the shot pulls back and it is climbing this massive wave and you know it isn’t going to end well?

Breakfast time, I used to have a bagel with Marmite and melted low-fat cheese, now I have some very healthy and remarkably chewy cereal with low-fat milk and a banana. Oh, the good thing is I think I’ve lost a few kilos in the week, my scales have very small numbers on them and even with my glasses on I have to bend double to read them and that rather ruins the effect. I’m back at the doctor next Friday and I’ll get him to weigh me. And I’ll show him my blood sugar log and will finally have someone else to high-five with and no (metaphorical) arse kicking. If I can just resist tomorrow’s home baking……


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