A Very Good Question

One of the things I enjoy about being a published author is the speaking engagements and the opportunities to meet my readers.

Last Wednesday night I went to the lovely Paper Plus store in Te Awamutu and spoke to their book club. They all seemed to enjoy themselves, laughed at my jokes and nodded in the right places. One young girl, a year 12 at St Peters School, came up to me afterwards and asked, “Why did you choose Dachau? Why not Auschwitz?” I had to think about that for a moment and told her it was one of the best questions I’d been asked yet. The answer is probably because at the time the family were rounded up there weren’t that many concentration camps, Dachau was then seen as a ‘labour camp.’ Plus it was in Germany and the transportation system didn’t yet exist to send lots of people to Poland. Because Auschwitz was so big the majority of survivors had at least a connection with it, even if they started or ended somewhere else.  But, a very good question, Meagan.

Friday I went up to Auckland and appeared on Good Morning on TVNZ. My main objective was to get through the interview without coughing and I managed that. The adrenalin floods through you and you don’t remember what you said. I had taped it so I had a look at it later. She asked what the book was about and talked about my ticker.

Then I did an interview for a Sky channel and a programme called “The Book Club” Two lovely guys who spent their time disagreeing on what I should be asked and how to word the intro and ending. It was hilarious.

Sunday I was off to Taupo to a literary festival event. I was speaking with another HarperCollins author, Donna Malone, who has written two crime novels and writes and produces drama for television. Again, it was a lovely group and they seemed to enjoy themselves. I signed lots of books (one lady bought ten copies!) and some very interesting people came up to talk to me. I really enjoy that part and invariably learn valuable facts.

My book trailer is complete and up on You Tube. I edited the first version down by about 60 seconds and am very, very pleased with the finished result. Do have a look and help me spread the word..


I am keeping track of the views and want to see how long it takes to reach decent numbers.

This coming week I am speaking at the Lyceum Club in Cambridge and also at a Paper Plus book event at The Base in Hamilton. The following week I am back in Auckland mentoring a Year 13 group of students at my old school, St Cuthbert’s College. I haven’t been back for many years so it will be slightly spooky and nice to be able to give something back.

“The Keeper of Secrets” is released officially in the UK later this month and I’m doing publicity for magazines and blogs. Next month the Dutch version is released. They sent me the cover and I love it.

Dutch Cover 2013

Meanwhile Mum is fine, recovering from a chest infection and slowly getting her energy levels and appetite back. The housework fairy continues to bypass my house on her travels no matter how hard I try to entice her in and the gardening fairy crosses the road to avoid my jungle. Still, you can’t be good at everything……


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