T minus 12 hours

Before I start a very busy day, I want to pause for a moment and reflect on what this day means. Today I launch my novel on the unsuspecting public. Well, it actually took off last Friday, but today is the day we celebrate it.

I started writing when I was eight. I was not as physically active as many kids my age, I read and I lived in my imagination. My characters were my friends, even then, I breathed life into them and they spoke to me.

Over the years I made use of my spare time to create new worlds, be they in prose or screen play and, sometimes, in poetry. I enjoyed doing it and sometimes I shared my scribbles and they moved people, made them cry or laugh.

I harboured a dream that one day I would reach a wider audience, but what you dream in your heart of hearts and what you believe will logically happen are often two different things. I couldn’t see the path to publication.

Well, the path unfolded and here we are! ‘Secrets’ is a special novel, about special circumstances and peopled with special characters. It is my ‘break through’ book and, I suspect, will always be my favourite. But over and above what it has done for me and my writing career, it has touched other people. That is the most humbling experience. People tell me it made them cry, brought them closer to memories or echoed their past. I am thrilled and humbled beyond measure to read these thoughts.

So, tonight I will make a wee speech (note to self: write speech) and sign copies of the book. I’ll provide lots of food and some fantastic spot prizes and everyone will have a great time. Some friends are bringing food, my brother rang last night and will pick up Mum from her rest home which is a huge help and my special cousin is coming from Auckland and will come early and help with the food preparation. I love my family!

After the launch I’ll have more time and I’ll tell you about my week in Auckland, THE window, my Kim Hill interview and how tonight went, I’ll have pictures. Talking of pictures, wow that was a large portrait with the Herald on Sunday review! Now I am off to enjoy launch day, let’s strap on the rocket and ride!!


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