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I was hoping I’d have time to blog about my week and my two days in Auckland, but I have simply run out of time, so I’ll do that when I can. The window of Wright’s bookstore looks amazing and we will get photos of that too when we can.

Over the next few days you will find me here:

Saturday June 22nd

– Kim Hill Radio New Zealand 10.05am till 11am live, Playing Favourites

– Waikato Times, Dominion Post, Christchurch Press – 20 questions in the weekend lift out section

– Waikato Times, news story, tomorrow I think

Sunday June 23rd

– Sunday Herald – book review by Nicky Pellagrenio

– Radio Live interview with Graham Hill after 10.10pm

Monday June 24th

– Waikato Breeze live radio interview just after 9.30am

– Monday night – Launch at Wrights Bookstore

Saturday June 29th

– Canvas interview in NZ Herald

Sunday June 30th

– Live interview with Andrew Dickenson NewstalkZB 10.10am

Thursday July 4th

–  Face TV interview with Lindsay Dawson on SKY channel 83 7pm

Friday July 12th

– TVNZ Good Morning interview

July  – Next magazine has a Q and A section

July – Australian Women’s Weekly has a review of the book

There will be others but that’s all I can think of/or know about at the moment. Publication day in New Zealand, book on bookshelf, dream come true. Any day now I shall pause, breathe and take it all in. Nite nite.


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