Launch Week Post one

It is launch week and I’m feeling a little like an astronaut on final countdown. Cue ‘Europe’…..

Today I have an interview with Dr Alvin Augustus Jones at Paradise Radio out of Maryland, USA. I have no idea what kind of questions he will ask me but the website lists some of his interviewees and it includes people like Ted Danson, Barbara Streisand and Madelaine Albright so he must know what he’s doing…says she hopefully.

Tomorrow I have lots of bits and bobs to do, my part of the window display to drop off to Wrights bookstore and some shopping. Confirmations of details for later in the week as well and more emailing.

Wednesday I’m off to Auckland, first stop is an interview with a TV channel called Face TV. So I’m guessing I won’t be allowed to wear a paper bag on my head.  Then it will be coffee catchup.

Thursday starts with the filming of the book trailer at the war memorial museum, the Holocaust Hall and the rare violin room. That will be seriously cool. Then on to Radio Live, before an MRI scan on my heart and an interview in Hamilton with the Waikato times before home.

Friday is shopping and prepping.

Saturday is a live radio hour with Kim Hill on National Radio and the Canvas magazine article will be released.

Monday night is LAUNCH night.

Australia has run out of stock, all the stock has been sold as prelaunch so they need to get some more in. This is a good thing, a very good thing, I’m told.

Meanwhile I’m waiting for the housework fairy to wave her wand and do my vacuuming, ironing and cleaning of bathrooms etc. She is a bit slow at the moment, perhaps the incentives are not incentivizing her enough.Never mind, this is not a week you experience every day. I shall worry about more mundane things next week. Final countdown.


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