The Cupcake dilemma

I make lists of the things I need to make, buy, cook for the launch party on June 24th. I wake up and say to myself, “Today is a cooking day,” and yet life always intervenes.

I was going to make cupcakes and brownies and put them in the deep freeze, but I’ve decided that the brownies can wait. I’ll make them fresh, drizzle chocolate over them and cut them into small cubes and add a drained, tinned strawberry on top of each one. Tinned strawberries are a revelation, they have a very intense strawberry flavour and a lovely, slightly mushy texture.

As for the cupcakes, so many recipes, which one to try? Butter or oil, or both? Vanilla or chocolate, or both? To cream or not to cream? To beat the batter in my food processor? The other day I set out to make banana and chocolate chip ones and as I was spooning the batter into the cupcake papers, I realised I’d made muffins instead. Not just that, I’d googled the recipe and printed it off and made the batter and at no time had I realised I was making muffins instead of cupcakes.

I’ve painted lots of violins and attached the string to them, they are ready to hang from the ceiling of the bookshop. Not real ones you understand, paper ones, but they are a very cool metallic copper colour. And I’ve found some gorgeous fabric to drape the shop and found some images to print off and hang on the fabric. They were going to be the instruments in Simon’s music room, but I’ve found more relevant and interesting ones. The huge shop window will be decorated with the book and images and violins and a music stand, I think a photo is a must!

But for now, the focus is on food. Little nibbles bursting with flavour…and making the cupcakes.

I have several interviews coming up, telephone ones with radio and newspapers, live ones at radio stations, pre-recorded ones with TV and some speaking engagements. I answered 20 questions the other day, things people don’t know about me, things I hardly knew about myself.

And all the time in the background, the book continues to sell. Amazon have 13 copies left of the paperback after two weeks and 19 lovely reviews. It is released in the UK and Australia tomorrow….Mum continues to look at me as if she wonders where her daughter has gone and who is this person?

It is time, I am away to the kitchen. I SHALL make cupcakes.


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