Phone woes

I’ve had a hard day today in some ways. I can do a certain amount of things on my computer, some reasonably complicated. I can set my MYSKY machine to record Tv programmes days ahead, I can programme and download and connect cables…but I’m not happy about hand-held devices. I look at ipads and iphones and ipods and think idon’t.

So, today my trusty Nokia phone died. I paid $100 for it in 2006 and it replaced one that was about the size of my shoe. People used to tease me about my ‘mobile’ phone. I was excited when I got a new smaller one and it seemed easy to use, on, off, text, make a phone call. What else did I need?

Today it wouldn’t charge. I took it to my local Vodafone dealer and the girl looked at it with something akin to awe. “It still goes?” Silly question. “Well no, that’s why I’m here.”

After much angst I bought a Samsung little black thing. It has features like a camera (a camera???) and I think I might be able to check emails on it. Perish the thought. She put my old SIM card in and told me I’ll have access to all my contacts. Makes me sound like 007. At the moment it is ‘fully charging’. I’ve read the large fold out instructions and it might as well have been in Mandarin or Japanese for all the sense it made.

When the charging process is over I’ll have a go at customizing things like the ring tone and the screen saver and try to send a text. One of those “Did you get this text?” messages that Luddites send.

For a while I shall grieve for my little Nokia, we’ve been through SO much together and the letters and numbers are all worn off the keypad. I’ve heard about births and deaths on that phone, houses bought and sold, I’ve washed it with tears when I texted for reassurance as I thought my Mum was dying, heard about jobs I didn’t get and ones I did….it seems so cruel to assign it to a drawer. Such is the price of technology.

You better give me grand service little black Samsung, you better be there when I need you and never let me down. You have huge silver Nokia shoes to fill.


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