It’s gonna be a Party!

Well, things are going well so far. The Amazon reviews are great and the book blog tour seems to be going well. There was a beautiful review this morning. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when people say such nice things.

At the moment I am deep in ‘event planning’ mode, for my book launch party. It’s June 24th, three weeks last night. And the venue is a local bookstore, on the main road through Cambridge. It’s a lovely bookstore, family owned, with a real history in Cambridge. The staff have all read the book and have been ‘plugging’ it, with a copy on the counter, for ages. They’re almost as excited as I am.

We are going to decorate the long rectangular room as Simon’s music room from the book. Large pictures of the instruments, painted paper violins hanging from the ceiling, gold and black fabric and bunting. A talented young violinist from Waikato University will play a selection of pieces mentioned in the book.

The nibbles will be yummy, baby bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, dark German rye bread topped with bratwurst sausage and homemade chutney, smoked trout on crackers, blinis with salmon and caviar, truffles and of course…..dark chocolate filled cupcakes with a very special topping (watch this space!) And lovely New Zealand wine.

I have loads of spot prizes and have painted the characters’ names on a large plastic sheet. People will receive a number as they arrive and after my welcoming speech, we will draw numbers. If I draw your number you come up and pick a little violin from a bowl. Every violin contains a characters’ name, and whatever is resting on that name on the sheet, that’s your prize. This gives me an opportunity to explain to the crowd who the character is and what role they play.

I’ve made lovely bookmarks for everyone who buys a book and gets it signed and will give one to everyone who interviews me over the next few weeks.

There will be photos and (hopefully) video as well. All in all I’m hoping it will be a memorable night, so if you’re anywhere close by to Cambridge on the night of June 24th…consider yourself invited! If not, you’ll be there in spirit. It’s gonna be a PARTY!!


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