Sunday Sunny Sunday

Hello again! It is 2pm on Sunday afternoon and I have yet to do the breakfast dishes. I have, however, had breakfast, had a shower, got changed, gone to a lovely church service, gone to see Mum and changed her into warmer clothing, filled her hot water bottle, cut up her roast chicken lunch, played word games on her whiteboard and she got every sentence right!, come home, had lunch and updated my blog page. The next thing will be to do the breakfast dishes….and then I shall paint some violins for the bunting to hang in the bookshop for my book launch (3 weeks tomorrow night).

Do you play candy crush saga? I’m trying not to, but sometimes it just calls to me. I’m on about level 34 I think and those little candy things flash before my eyes and egg me on. At times one more move would see me remove all the ‘jelly’ and hear those words, “Sugar crush”, but I don’t have one more move left. If you’ve never played it you won’t know what on earth I’m talking about. It plays on my desire to complete things, my Virgo need for completeness.

I was talking to my Aunt this morning and telling her that every time I go up for communion in our family church I imagine my parents standing before the altar and Mum telling me that as Dad rocked back on his heels he came into view, disappeared, reappeared, then disappeared again. My Aunt (Mum’s twin) told me that she was also married there in wartime and they couldn’t get a proper veil so they had to use heavy mosquito net. She couldn’t see where she was going and her husband stood at the altar and saw this tall, slim woman approaching who could have been anyone. The potential for a comic skit is endless.

Ah well, the breakfast dishes are calling, just after I sneak in a quick game of Candy Crush.



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