Publication Day!

Okay, okay, I know…it’s been a while, quite a while in fact. But that’s all over now, I’m here and I shall blog regularly. I shall pop in and say ‘hello’ and have a cuppa and tell you what I’ve been up to.

The answer to that is, lots. Today is publication day, June 1st 2013. Today my novel, The Keeper of Secrets’ officially goes on sale in many different places. It has been available at Amazon for a few days and has had some lovely reviews. I could say please feel free to pop over and have a look, but I wouldn’t dream of being so immodest. Just in case you feel inspired, you will find them here

I also have a Facebook fan page which is getting lots of ‘likes’ at the moment and will be the home to competitions and news announcements and the like. There are background notes there about the book, the subject matter and links to clips on You Tube of wonderful violinists playing many of the pieces mentioned in the book. It is the place where I will interact with the readers.

Publication Day in New Zealand is June 21st and on June 24th we are having a massive launch party at a bookshop in Cambridge. I’m having SO much fun preparing for this, it is like a birthday party on steroids. I have spot prizes, live violin music and lots of delicious nibbles, wine, a reading and a signing. I will post pictures, sensible ones.

On the Thursday before that I’m off to Auckland for a day of busy things. I’m filming a book trailer at the Auckland Museum, in the Holocaust Hall and the rare violin room. I will actually get to hold a rare violin!! Oh, the excitement. Then I have to do a pre-record with Kim Hill for her Saturday radio show which will be broadcast June 22nd. We are doing a segment called “Playing Favourites” so I have to provide six pieces of my favourite music. Ha! From ABBA to Les Mis and Carmen to Vivaldi. I have already been interviewed (and photographed) for the Canvas magazine insert in the NZ Herald which will come out on the 22nd. And there are other interviews in print, radio and TV to come.

Mum is well and enjoying life, when she’s warm. We have rugs, gloves and hot water bottles as part of our daily regime for the next few months. She will come to the signing party and I will make sure she gets the credit for all her input. “Keeper” wouldn’t exist at all without her.

I’m writing my next novel, but that can wait for another post. So can news of my MRI scan and potential new heart valve. It is a glorious winter day, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Perfect day for a publication dream to come true. To all of you who have read my ‘baby’ over the past few weeks and said lovely things about it, we salute you!!





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