As the clock ticks

Fifty minutes to go and it will be 2013. Another New Year’s Eve and as I look back on 2012 I can’t help but wonder. What a year it’s been! My book is picked up by a major US publisher, one of the ‘big six’ no less, the dream of a lifetime….and Mum has a major stroke and ends up living in a resthome.

It has been a year of challenges and lessons and I haven’t finished learning yet. At least I can’t say life is boring.

Last night Mum had a drink from a glass and this morning she had a cup of tea in a mug. She held it, sipped it and swallowed it. Progress. All the time, steps towards normality, tiny improvements and pieces in the jigsaw that is our reality.

And the day before Christmas I got a box of advanced copies of The Keeper of Secrets. It is a galley proof, not proof-read and not final production standard, but it is the story and it has a great cover and lovely letter inside by my editor and it is MY book. Some people have read it already and said lovely things about it. I have set up a fan page for me and the book, as requested by my publisher, and so far 26 people have ‘liked’ it. If you haven’t yet, may I invite you to pop over and have a look and a ‘like’? It will grow as June 1st 2013 approaches and it will be a marketing tool.

So a glorious and frustrating and overwhelming and strengthening year comes to a close, in twenty minutes now. Here’s to 2013, may she bring more laughter than tears and more promise than disappointment.

Whatever happens I can always practice my speeches and read my work-in-progress to the cat:

My biggest fan

My biggest fan



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