Christmas truffles, books and quizzes

Well 2012 is nearly at an end and the world didn’t explode on December 21st. The Mayans run out of rock and we all panic…maybe it would have made more sense to trust the predictions of a society that hung around a little longer themselves.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, mine was very simple but very enjoyable. I went to a lovely church service at my local church and then in to Resthaven to see Mum. We spent the afternoon listening to carols and I gave her a manicure and a pedicure and we went for a walk, read some of Miranda Hart’s book (present from my very clever sister-in-law) and had a sleep. The next day I brought her home and my brother Geoff, and my niece Katie and nephew Paul, called in on their way to the lake to see us and have lunch. It was great fun.

Have I told you I have taken up the ukulele? A little blue uke. I can play the chords and strum and some basic songs.

My truffle Christmas project worked very well. I made around 650 truffles in nine different flavours and I decorated some gorgeous boxes. Family and friends and all the staff at Resthaven who look after Mum. The ‘after-8’ one (peppermint and chocolate) was exceptionally delicious and the ‘brandy and ginger’ was pretty special too. Everyone seemed to enjoy them.

Christmas Eve I received a box of Advanced Readers Edition of my book. The Keeper of Secrets! It will be published by HarperCollins USA as a William Morrow trade paperback on June 1st 2013 and this is the cover…

My book

My book

 So 2013 will be an exciting year and a challenging one. I look forward to it with a mixture of joy and trepidation. I’m currently writing the next one and so far, so good.

One thing I love about life is its ability to amuse, in the middle of school shootings and car crashes and fiscal cliffs and coping with stroke victims, something tickles you. I was listening to a trivia radio quiz this morning:

  Announcer: It’s Dame Maggie Smith’s birthday today, what nationality is she, where was she born?

Listener: Oh, I know this one! Downton Abbey!!


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  1. webmasterpluc
    Dec 29, 2012 @ 07:46:06

    Good luck with learning the uke – I’ve got a purple one & have been teaching myself for just over a year. It’s a fun instrument to learn! See our club website for plenty of tips, lessons & songs (details in my signature block).
    The Xmas truffles project sounds fun – I’d have been too busy eating them.
    Happy strumming!


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