Crank calls, royal babies, cricket and truffles

I was genuinely shocked this morning to read of the death by suicide of the nurse who was the victim of the crank call made to the hospital where Princess Katherine was being treated. What a tragic twist in a tale that has been blown out of all proportion by the media. Crank calls are a fact of life in radio, I thought this one was relatively harmless. Nothing like as damaging as the ones made by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand to Andrew Sachs. What the Australian DJs should have done was own up and make a gracious exist when it became obvious that they’d fooled some hard-working and exhausted nurses. But is it something most people would kill themselves over? Wouldn’t have thought so. Mind you, I don’t live where the pressure of UK media is part of my every day life.

Good on William and Kate for being pregnant! I guess it’s as much a part of their job as opening and closing things and representing the Queen in foreign countries. And because the law will change, the child will inherit the throne even if it’s a girl who has a (pissed off) younger brother. Will we see a Queen Diana? I doubt it, I think many people might have something to say about that, more likely Elizabeth Victoria etc etc. George for a boy? James, Harold, Edward, John, Richard..Elton.

I’ve started the next book and it’s an interesting exercise, creating these characters and waiting for them to take over and start telling their story. It feels as if it’s the right story to be writing, I’ll know for sure at about 30,000 words.

My God New Zealand Cricket know how to shoot themselves in the foot, don’t they? Make sure the highest scoring batsman and match saver makes himself unavailable, that’s a clever move. It has always been a very divided game, I remember back in the late 1980s and early 1990s when I was shocked to discover how many of the players actively disliked each other. But…this is the cricket own goal of them all.

Christmas truffles are made and in the deep freeze, as are the fudge, rocky road and chocolates. Boxes are painted, decorated and waiting. All that remains is to thaw the truffles and roll them or dip them in their coatings and fill the boxes. All the other presents are bought but not yet wrapped. It will be the first Christmas Day I have ever woken up in a house by myself. I’ll go to church and then to Resthaven to be with Mum.

And Mum is doing very well. She’s singing, talking, walking and has started to eat a little bit. Last Thursday she had some pana cotta on a teaspoon. It is the right consistency, not too wet and set enough to move it to the back of her throat and swallow it. Little by little she will have more juice from the eye-dropper and more food.

Chloe is such good company, she talks far more than her predecessor did and is truly a cat that loves cuddles…and sleeping. She finds cat jokes tiresome.



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