An MRSA Wednesday

One of the things that really bugs me about dealing with large organisations is when they leave out a fact that appears small and insignificant, but is actually enormously important to me, the ‘consumer’.

Last Wednesday I took Mum to Waikato hospital. She needed to have the remaining margins of a skin cancer removed from her scalp. In February her fabulous GP had removed most of it but the pathology had shown that a small amount remained. So we went into the system and she saw a plastic surgeon and he said it was a small operation, local anesthetic and a couple of stitches.

In the meantime she had a massive stroke and ended up in a rest home with the MRSA super bug in her PEG site. When the hospital rang to see if I wanted her scheduled operation date they told me to be there at 12.30pm. So I picked her up and took her there at 12.30pm. Getting the wheelchair in and out of the car was a mission in itself and my back was not happy.

We were given a consult room to sit in and two chairs facing out a window with a view over Hamilton. About 1pm a nurse came in to take all her vital signs and ask me a raft of questions. She told me that because of Mum’s MRSA they needed to do a complete clean of the theatre after her op so she would be last on the list. So when will that be, approximately? Not before 5pm.

I fed her her water flush and bottle of food through the PEG tube and we waited a little longer. She got very tired and very upset and wanted to go back to the rest home. She never sits up for more than a couple of hours at a time and much prefers to be stretched out on her bed to watch TV.

I found the nurse and told her this was NOT going to work, we were going home. She told me we would need to reschedule and we will, when Mum is physically and emotionally stronger.

NOW I know that Mum has MRSA all over her hospital file and nurses don aprons, gloves, masks and crosses (well maybe not the last one) before they approach her for anything. We need to get three negative swabs in a row and they will remove the red warnings from her chart. The PEG wound is healed and the super bug is long gone.

Apart from that it’s been a pretty good week. I’ve finished an initial draft of the synopsis for my next novel and will polish a little before sending it to New York. I’m excited about it, I think it will be a worthy addition to the stable. The house is reasonably clean, the washing is up to date, the garden is still taunting me and the weather is warming up. See ya next week.








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