Royal Highjinks

I heard someone say on the radio this morning that you have to feel sorry for Harry being born into a family like that. I don’t think I agree with that statement.

When you look at them individually, they’re not that bonkers, with the exception of a couple. Princess Anne seems like a normal kind of woman, hard-working and with perfectly reasonable hobbies and she seems to have raised two very normal and talented kids. My bother played polo for a living in the 1980s and I remember seeing Prince Charles at Guards Polo Club and he gave the impression of being just another member of the team. I thoroughly approved of his nickname for Mark Phillips, “fog”, because he was wet and thick. William appears to be a fine young man, lovely wife, good job, sincere heart and a love for rugby….when you compare them to some of the ‘celebrity’ families, famous for nothing more than be being famous and putting their lives in front of the camera, the British Royal family are really remarkably sane. If Harry wants to enjoy himself in Las Vegas in private he should be allowed to, whoever took those pictures should be ashamed. If he’d got drunk and behaved offensively in public, that’s another matter, but everyone is entitled to a little harmless fun in private.

It’s Friday and I only go in to see Mum once on Friday’s, in the evening. It gives me the morning for writing, housework, thinking about gardening and listening to music. So how has the week been?

(1) Sad. Three more soldiers killed in Afghanistan serving our country overseas. If the area really is getting more dangerous and the insurgents are targeting our troops, we should bring them home when we can. In all cases their families said they loved being in the Army and they loved doing a good job.

(3) Happy. Mum is doing really well, her language is increasing and she can walk without the walker and keep her balance. By the end of next week she should be on bolus feeding instead of a drip feed, so will have liquid meals through her PEG feeder and maybe enjoying some solid food by mouth in small amounts. She has a beautiful, brand-new room and a much more comfortable bed. We’ve enjoyed some great day trips, a market, Hamilton gardens, home to watch the rugby and the sunshine has been lovely.

(4)  Productive. I have finished the rewrite of The Secret Keeper with new opening lines and a new epilogue. Now it goes to the copyeditor. I’ve written an essay for book club readers, to go in the back of the book, on the research and inspiration and the characters. Now I’m working on some ideas for the next book.

(5) Exciting. I got my first royalty cheque and banked it. A year’s worth of royalties from Amazon. A PAID WRITER.

So, another week and progress made on many fronts…didn’t play nude pool, but there’s always next week.





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