The Olympics of the Digital Age

I love watching the Olympic Games. It’s the one time when I find myself glued to snatches of handball, shooting, trampolining, gymnastics, and people swimming, running, throwing, rowing…and other people telling me what the people I’m watching are doing.

In the men’s individual trampolining final I got to hear, “Now, what can Dong Dong do?’ And when the Englishman won the 10,000 metres, the commentators said the African stranglehold on long distance running had been broken, except for the fact that Mo is a Somalian refugee. I’ve been told the Queen would want Zara to win gold, no, really? And that the women triathletes would be getting tired by the finish line. I’ve been told that someone has ‘medalled’ although if they’ve really interfered with the process, should they have won a medal? I’ve even been told that a country has ‘podiumed’ which is a new and unusual verb.

Anyway, we’ve won gold medals and bronze medals and hopefully before it is all over we will win some more. Good on all of them, just reward for years of work.

Mum is ten and a half weeks post stroke and doing well. During the last four weeks she has had a range of infections, including MRSA, which is a ‘super’ bug resilient to some antibiotics. She’s had a PEG feeding tube put in her stomach and that seems to be working well (apart from the MRSA in the tube site) and her speech has come on with some vigorous use of ‘yes’, sometimes in a fashion reminiscent of the man in Vicar of Dibbly, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, no.” A nod can mean ‘yes’, a shake of the head can mean ‘yes’ and when she throws the bell at me, it means she’s unhappy.  She’s been on some outings, to home, to the hairdresser in Cambridge, to her old family farm, to my brother’s racing stable and home and a few to Waikato hospital.

I finished the rewrite of The Secret Keeper and it was declared “good” by my editor. So no more rewriting. And I finished a very long questionnaire about me and the book. I am playing with ideas for the next book, a sequel to TSK or something completely new. Sales of the other books continue and have topped a total of 45,000 before the first year is up on September 9th.

I won a competition last week on Mike Hosking’s breakfast show on  newstalkzb! It was for two tickets to a thing called Project Revolution, a two-day conference on the digital age, in Auckland at the end of this month. Speakers about making the most of social networking, websites etc. I had to tweet what the digital age had meant to me and I said “45,000 books sold in 11 months on Amazon. Novel picked up by Harper Collins worldwide” and that won me the prize….the tickets are the kind you wear around your neck, so I stuck the national anthem on the stereo, climbed up on a chair and waved at the cat.







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