A tad busy

A progress report:

Mum is doing very well, five weeks after her left side stroke. She is speaking a little, reading, writing on a white board, knitting and walking freely on the walker. She is undoubtedly the fastest mover in the rest home and we joke that if we opened the doors, she’d be halfway home before we could catch her. Actually, she seems to be okay in Resthaven and wrote the name of the place on her whiteboard and gave it a big tick.

I am combining two visits a day with rewriting ‘The Secret Keeper’ and it is hard work. I usually wake around 4 to 4.30 in the morning, write until about 8, then have breakfast and do chores (cuddle the cat) and go to see Mum from 10 till about 1pm. Then I come home, have lunch and write. From 4 till 6 I go back and see Mum.

I don’t admit to many, only you and I, that I often fall asleep at the computer during the afternoon. I’m hoping it’s more to do with my routine than with the quality of the book.

As far as Harper Collins goes, all is well and fascinating. I had to write an author bio the other day and supply some photos. And I have a questionnaire to fill out for the publicity department, 105 questions! Feels like I have to remember what I had for lunch on June 21st 1975. And the contract has been signed and sent back.

The rewriting is brilliant fun. I finished this book six years ago and I’ve changed and grown as a writer since then. I’m finding new things to say about these characters and deepening their emotions, their joy and their despair. In the back of my mind I am mulling over the sequel and where I will take them.

I am the subject of Graham Beattie’s blog this morning.


Goodness me, I guess the news will travel now. Such is life. It is 8.07 and I must go and have some breakfast and let the cat outside. Yesterday my mother beat me at cards, twice. When she cheats she gives me that “I’m confused” look and expects me to believe her, not for a moment.





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