A Been Here a Year Party with a Punch

A little while ago I heard on Twitter than Robin Gibb had died, so Barry is the only Bee Gee left now. Sad. I remember their music from the days when I used to ‘trip the light fantastic’, or not so fantastic in my case. I loved the very early stuff more than the disco, although I didn’t dislike Saturday Night Fever. The songs like ‘Words’ and ‘New York Mining Disaster 1941’ and ‘Spicks and Specks’ and ‘Gotta Get a Message to You’, that one about ‘Massachusetts’…I think my favourite one of all was ‘First of May’. They were special because they were such wonderful songwriters. Gosh hasn’t the Grim Reaper taken a whack at the music world lately? Donna Summer and now Robin Gibb…

Yesterday we had a lovely ‘been here a year’ party. It was the anniversary of the day we moved into this house. I’d made lots of yummy food and I made a fruit punch by mixing different fruit juice together and putting fresh mandarins and persimmons in it. As the day went on I kept adding in different variations so the taste was different, but not dramatically so. I didn’t use orange as the flavour is too strong,  I used apple, a lovely strawberry and kiwifruit combo, lime, lemon and bitters, sparkling guava, and a combo one that has cranberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, red and black currant, blueberry and strawberry, then a bit of fizz from diet Sprite. It was a delicious mix!

My great-nieces, Charlotte and Chloe, and Lucas came out onto the back lawn with me and we dug for gems in foil dishes of sand and we popped balloons with forks to find jellybeans, we put on music and played dinosaur musical footprints and we did some expert bone bowling in the dino bowling alley.

My two favourite Lucas comments of the day were, “I’m not sure I like this icing, I’ll just eat it off” about the cream cheese frosting on the chocolate carrot cake…and when the meteorite struck and the dust cloud forced us to hide in the conservatory, he became worried about we’d do for food, “I’ll just go and steal the pikelets and the meatballs from the table.”

It was lovely to see Mum with her cousins (she was actually a first cousin to their mothers in all three cases and another one is also in her 80s and her father and my Grandfather were cousins) and her sister-in-law and some of our friends from church and the next door neighbours and Gemma, Lucas and Dyfan. She had a great day.

I saw this on twitter today and it made me laugh. Journalism of the highest degree, this is how reputations are ruined…



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