Wrist Wraps at the Trash and Treasure

The last thing Mother said to me before she went to bed last night was, ‘wake me at 6 o’clock.” I was fast asleep this morning when there was a knock on my door and she opened it and said, “It’s five past six.” I rolled over and looked at my phone and said, “no, it’s five past five.” So she said “see you in an hour” and left me to it. When I got up at six she’d had a shower, had breakfast, got dressed and done her face.

We had to be at the Lions checkpoint at 7am to be given the location of our stall for the monthly Trash and Treasure Market. We had a plastic bin full of toys, some books and a stall of wrist wraps.

Wrist wraps are something Mother invented. They’re pure wool and like fingerless mittens, except they go all the way up your arm and they keep your hand, wrist and forearm warm. They’re marvellous for people out in the cold in early mornings, for people in retirement homes, people with health issues in the hands etc. We sold several pairs, all the toys and all the books. It was fun and we chatted to lots of people, family, neighbours, one of Mum’s cousins, people who stopped by. It was raining when we packed up at 12.30 so it was a bit of a dash to get everything in the car.

Wrist Wraps!

I broke through the 40,000 barrier in book sales the other day, don’t why it feels like a milestone but it does. We had sushi for lunch to celebrate and I bought myself a wee present. This is very unusual for me, I buy for others, very rarely for myself. There’s a gift shop closing down in Cambridge and I was walking past so I popped in and I bought myself the most beautiful ceramic tile on a wooden stand. It’s big, over 12 inches square, and very colourful and has a musical theme and it is enamelled not painted. It’s gorgeous and I just love it. Every time I walk past it in the lounge I think to myself ‘40,000+ people have read my words’. As important as the sales are the reviews and the ratings, especially for “The Secret Keeper”. People have said the most amazing things about it and it fills my heart.

Last Thursday I had a lovely lunch date with a woman I went to school with. We hadn’t seen each other since 1977 and we had a right old natter. She’s a Dr of Philosophy in English and lectures at Waikato University. In about two weeks I’m going to give a guest lecture to her creative writing class. I’m looking forward to it but I’m glad it’s not today, I feel as if I’ve been awake since the crack of dawn.




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