Happy Sunday

Yesterday was a lovely day, it truly was a ‘Placido Domingo’, which literally translates from Spanish into ‘Happy Sunday’.

It was Harvest Festival time at Church and on Saturday we’d borrowed some ornamental pumpkins and gourds from my sister-in-law and helped to decorate the church. There were vegetables and fruit and jars of produce (including ours) and the big wooden cross was covered with sweetcorn stalks, it looked amazing. This is about half way through the decorating…

Andrew (our vicar) remembered that it was a special day for Mum, it was her 68th wedding anniversary. I enjoyed going up for communion, imagining Mum and Dad at the altar being married, all those years ago. The hymns were great, a modern one even thanked God for the ‘springs and microchips’ which had us all laughing at the start of the service.

Then later in the day we went to see my niece, Sarah, who turned 36 yesterday. She’s a lovely girl and a fantastic mum and a great breastfeeding advocate, so I had baked her a cake. I baked it in a bowl, then took some white butter icing and added a touch of red to turn it pink, covered a marshmallow in melted chocolate and an almond in melted chocolate…and, hey presto…a boobie cake!!

A boobie cake!

Then we went on to see my brother and sister-in-law at their farm and Mike (Sarah’s partner) brought the kids around because he and Sarah were joining friends for a birthday dinner out. Their four-year old, Charlotte, is a really neat kid and she and I made dinosaur nests and eggs and flying dinosaurs out of play dough and Mum and I are still glittering from the lovely glitter pictures.

A warm, happy Sunday celebrating abundant joy.


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