The Lottery of Life

Sometimes the things that bring us simple joy are the things we don’t notice. They’re part of our everyday life and it’s only when they’re suddenly absent do we realise how much we love them.

We’re lucky here because the house we bought was built by people who owned the house next door. They sold that and built this, which meant they knew the neighbourhood and they knew that the water pressure isn’t great. So they put in a hot water cylinder with an extra pressure boost. This means that every morning I have a strong, hot shower that sets me up for the day. Imagine how much I’d miss that if something happened to the infrastructure and we lost our water.

Another thing I love is big, fluffy new towels and freshly washed sheets, smooth and cool and crisp. My bedroom is dark and very quiet and feels like a safe, snuggly cave. It makes sleeping easy.

Being so far from the city means we have no light pollution at night, the stars are bright and fill the cloudless night sky, so beautiful they take your breath away.

Over the past few months I’ve harvested silverbeet, strawberries, broccoli, cabbages, Asian cabbages, lettuce, potatoes, mint, beetroot, sweetcorn, figs, rhubarb and feijoas from my garden and potatoes, beans, spaghetti squash, apples, pears, plums, lemons and peaches from other people’s gardens. They’re cut and straight into the pan or on to the plate. We’ve made plum jam, strawberry jam, rhubarb and plum jam, fig and ginger jam, tomato relish, marrow chutney, lemon honey, stewed apple, stewed plums, stewed peaches, stewed pears, stewed apricots, plum compote, apricot compote….our deepfreeze and pantry is testament to nature’s bounty.

This Sunday is Harvest Festival and we’re taking some of our produce to the Church this afternoon to contribute it to the display for Sunday. There’ll be an old-fashioned plough and wheelbarrows groaning with produce. It will also be my Mum’s wedding anniversary, 68 years ago on Sunday she and Dad were married in that church. It will also be my niece’s birthday. I shall bake her a cake, to show her I love her and am proud of her, she’s a wonderful mother to two lovely little girls and an intelligent and witty woman.

All these things enhance my life and are part of the simple joys all around me. I no longer wonder what I’d do if I won the lottery, I have, in the lottery of life, I am a winner.


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