The Dinosaur Came to the Party

The aspects I love about words are the same aspects that make English such a difficult language to learn to speak fluently as a second language. Examples:

“You disgust me”
“I don’t think we discussed you at all.”

Overheard at Athens immigration:
“No, just here on vacation.”

What did the cheese say when he looked in the mirror?

And so on, we all know them. The magic of words. When I was a young, innocent, trainee radio copywriter I had a brilliant mentor who taught me about the theatre of the mind, sound effects, music and word pictures that trigger an instant emotional response. If you want to cut through the clutter of talk on radio do it with silence and then a well-timed scream, you’ll get their attention!

It’s three days till lift off on the Dinosaur Party. Our house looks like a craft shop. We have a pile of painted dino goodie bag eggs on one chair; aluminium roasting dishes full of sand and buried fossils and treasure on the floor; large green, silver and gold painted dino footprints in a cardboard box, alongside brown paper bags with paintings of dinosaur and the word “palaeontologist” stencilled on them; a magnificent hand painted T-Rex head with open mouth and one huge tooth missing, along with many teeth to be stuck on (Pin the tooth on the T-Rex was going to be Stick the Little Dinosaur in the T Rex’s Mouth but Nana T objected to me introducing violence); a painted cardboard bowling alley and a painted dog bone for “Bone Bowling”…and as of yesterday, some very cool little individual volcanoes. You take a strip of black cardboard and bring the ends across each other to form a cone and staple it, then take a little bag of sweeties in red cellophane and pull the top through the cone so the cellophane sticks up like lava.

I’ve taken a whole lot of photos as things have developed and have decided that I will write a small book, “The Dinosaur Came to The Party” and put it up on Amazon and Smashwords. My practical and cost efficient ways of staging a dinosaur birthday party. Many of the ideas can be adapted into other themes and as the year progresses and I may do other parties, I’ll create little books about them too.

The cake has been decided at last. It’ll be an exploding volcano cake, chocolate naturally, iced with frosting mixed with crushed Oreo cookies, with red icing lava and edible rocks (chocolate dipped mini chocolate eggs) and some meringues swirled with red food colouring, mini chocolate dinosaurs made with my moulds, and long sparkler candles in the top throwing sparks everywhere. I shall take photos as it is assembled and decorated. I know how I want it to look, we shall see if I can turn the vision into reality.

Party volcanoes




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