High Points and Low Points

Yesterday was a day of high points and low points.

One of the high points was cutting into a paper mache balloon and discovering that the idea works. The balloon does not collapse and take the paper with it and all that work is for nothing, it’s a rigid structure and you can make a little V-shaped aperture and fill the ‘egg’ with stuff to make goodie bags…so I strung some twine across the conservatory and began to paint the balloons as they hung from the twine and bounced around. Each one has a different base coat and then when that’s dry, they’re decorated with lines that look like cracks and spots and what could be dino footprints. There’s a blue one and a green one and a silver one and a red one and a gold one and a pink one…they look amazing!

One of the low points was making play dough and colouring it with a mixture of red and green food colouring to make a kind of terracotta colour and then mixing glitter of all different colours through it. Then taking small dinos and other plastic creatures, such as frogs and snakes and centipedes, and pressing them into bits of dough then removing them, to be left with interesting fossils. So far, so good. Then I decided to bake them. BAD idea. I was happily painting away in the conservatory and I started to smell cooking play dough. By the time I checked the oven there was a sea of terracotta and glitter coloured liquid mixture, dripping everywhere. It doesn’t harden, it melts. After a bit of a rescue mission and a lot of cleaning of the inside of the oven, all trace was gone. Thankfully I hadn’t used it all and the rest is busy air-drying on an oven tray in the conservatory.

We had the first corn from the garden Thursday night and it was sweet and juicy and delicious. It was picked, peeled and straight into a pot of boiling water. The night before we had magnificent fish that was supplied by brother Geoffrey, potatoes from the garden of brother Graham and silverbeet from our own garden. Then some lovely pears from Graham’s farm, stewed in ginger, vanilla and lemon. The back lawn is growing field mushrooms. In the vege garden the winter crop is growing and I have found the answer to the white butterfly. The fig tree is groaning and yesterday we had the one fig that looked ripe, roasted and with a touch of honey…it tasted lovely and very figgy, with a faint trace of play dough.


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