A dinosaur birthday

Sorry, I have been remiss for a few days. In my defence I have been busy, being artistic. Exhibits in my defence are as follows:

A board for a 6 year old birthday boy


Dino footprints to lead from the gate to the house. Each footprint will have a child’s name on it and they will be a gold claw or a silver claw, a good way of dividing them into two groups of eight for games:

And the goodie bags will be dino eggs, paper mache and painted and filled with some goodies and named for each child. You should see Nana T and I covered in flour and water paste and covering balloons with newsprint. We are having so much fun we’re considering doing it every day regardless!!

Balloons in another life

So this is life at the moment, writing, cooking (poached some delicious pears yesterday in lemon, ginger and vanilla), too wet and windy for gardening and being artistic. Back to blogging properly tomorrow. Now where did I leave my brush??



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