My kind of heaven

It’s another glorious Autumn day, blue sky, beaming sun and no humidity. The kind of day that makes you appreciate life. And yet, there is a sense of sadness pervading our country today. One of our best-loved and greatly admired sports leaders died last night. Jock Hobbs. We all knew he was dying and it wasn’t a surprise, but it was still a shock. He was a fine All Black (among many) but he was also an outstanding administrator and when rugby needed saving, he stepped up. Some may say, so what? It’s only a game. But it’s more than that to New Zealanders and to their concept of themselves. Even those with no interest in rugby knew that something special happened when we hosted the Rugby World Cup last year and that happened because Jock Hobbs led the delegation bidding for the rights. Years ago and in another life, when I was a radio sports producer, I had reason to call Jock occasionally to ask him to comment on rugby matters in our show and he was, always, polite and charming and well-informed and, always, listeners rang up afterwards to say how much they enjoyed hearing what he had to say. He was a very classy guy.

It got me thinking about heaven. I believe in an afterlife because I choose to. I have imagination and I think it’s sad to believe that there is nothing after death. We have no tangible evidence of anything, so it comes down to what you choose, and I choose to enjoy the concept. I remember when my Dad died I enjoyed the idea of him playing golf and fishing with all his old buddies and flying with mates he lost during the war and doing whatever he pleased. Today I can imagine Jock having a good old catch-up with Chris Doig (another wonderful New Zealander who died last year) and Moods, Graeme Moody, a rugby commentator who drowned surfing in Australia and who was much-loved by all, especially those of us who worked with him.

I found a chocolate maker on the internet who specialises in alcoholic truffles and I asked if I could send them some questions, explained why I was doing research etc. They had no problem with that so I complied a list of questions and fired them off. Only it appeared my questions were so probing that to provide the answers would have meant revealing part of their intellectual property, whoops.

Oh well, onward and upward…another short but lovely 5 star review for “The Secret Keeper”, forgive my lack of humility…”This is the kind of book whose characters stay with you long after you finish the last page. The characters were real and the story believable. I couldn’t put it down. I hope to read more by this author.” Thank you Maggie from PA, wherever that is. I hope it is a glorious day for you too.





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