Time changing and time saving

Every so often you read something that proves to you yet again how much our society has changed. This morning I read a twitter quote about Ivor Novello, who was one the premiere composers of the 1920s and 1930s, then in WW2 he was caught cheating with his petrol coupons and his reputation was ruined. It never recovered. How would people view his crime now? Perhaps a few cross words and then the next song would be a hit and all would be forgiven. Standards and criteria for what is right and wrong have changed so much. For the better? You decide.

Another quote that tickled me was that Beethoven and Rossini met once and Beethoven was deaf so the whole conversation had to be written down and passed between them. Is this the first example of twitter?

I am corresponding with chocolate companies and foodies and wine people and learning much about the making of chocolates flavoured with wine and other yummy things. All in the name of research. One of the discussions led me to share one of my favourite quick recipes and it was received very well, so today’s blog includes a recipe:

Very Quick Chicken Veronique
One can of condensed chicken soup
One cup of good white wine (the end flavour is influenced by the variety of wine, Sav Blanc will make it sharp, Riesling will make it fruity etc.)
One cooked chicken – either pick up a roasted chicken on the way home or boil one if you want plump chicken meat
One tablespoon of sour cream (can use cream but it makes it very rich)
Handful of green, seedless grapes

Put can of soup and wine onto simmer for five minutes, don’t let it boil hard because the wine flavour will be all but lost, but the alcohol content is gone so it’s fine for teetotalers. Then strain through a sieve to make the sauce smooth. Pull apart the chicken in large pieces and add to sauce. Put into hot oven until bubbling. Just before serving add sour cream and grapes. This is beautiful with rice or short egg pasta or mashed potato. Lovely warming and tasty Winter dish and very good for a short notice dinner party.

It’s a beautiful Autumn day here, not a cloud in the sky and the sun is beaming down. It’s my favourite time of year, weatherwise, cool nights and crisp mornings and evenings and lovely days. Chloe, is stretched out on the window ledge, balanced as only a cat can, soaking up the sun. Some things never change!


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