Twitter, food and Sweeney Todd

One of the things I love about Twitter is the clever things that clever people say. I know that some will say it’s a waste of time, but for a writer, it can be a storehouse of wonderfully creative imagery and inspiration. It’s all in the people you choose to follow. I follow some witty ones, Joanne Harris, Patricia Cornwell, Josh Grogan, James Corden, Howard Goodall, John Owen Jones, Rebecca Cain…

“Don’t let people over handle you. Wears the powder off your wings and you can’t fly.” Love this tweet from Patricia Cornwall. She answers questions too.
“Christine is the dumbest girl in France. Besides Cosette.” Rebecca Cain, you might have to be a musical theatre nut to appreciate that one. And Howard Goodall tweets about Handel, which is truly cool.

Talking about musical theatre, the previews of Sweeney Todd open in London in about half an hour. They’ve transferred the production from Chichester to the Adelphi Theatre for a six month run. It had five-star reviews across the board in Chichester last year and won an award for best regional production. The leads are the incomparable Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton and I’m sure it will be brilliant, dark, challenging, exhausting for the cast, riveting for the audience. If you live in London and have a chance, don’t miss it.

Trash and Treasure market day today. I take a bag of books that Mother has finished reading and I swap them for more books, crime, historical epics, large print and pretty of action. If I’m feeling naughty I buy a packet of chocolate chip shortbread. Goodness me, we’ve had some lovely flavours recently! I love hot stewed apple with cold vanilla ice-cream, blueberry jelly on toast, pure plum juice diluted with cranberry and a splash of ginger syrup, we had the most amazing Sushi for lunch the other day, including hot salmon poached in a teriyaki sauce on a ball of rice. I turned the stewed plums into plum muffins and plum loaf. They were nice but I put a plum syrup on them when they were hot and it intensified the flavour but also made them a touch too sweet, they need a sharp yoghurt.

O.K., enough food! What do we do in New Zealand in summer? We eat ice-cream.

All the same flavour??


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