On being interviewed

Well, what’s up in my life today? Not a lot, unless you count the half page article in the local Cambridge Edition entitled “Move South Benefits Ebook Author.” It’s the nice interview they did with me about my books and the pic they took of me with the covers. They cover what each book is about and I guess if people want to read them, they’ll find them. Only I (and you) know that the covers were resting against jars of luscious chutney and lemon honey.

One of my favourite movies was on TV last night and I MySkyed it so I can watch it at my leisure. When it came out I saw it about eight times at the cinema and tried to con everyone that I was doing it for work reasons, once to look at the gorgeous cinematography, once to listen to the music, once to actually make notes about the plot as I watched. Actually I went to cry. There is a scene where Ralph Fiennes carries Kristin Scott Thomas out of a cave and it makes me sob, every time. It doesn’t matter that it would’ve been some considerable time after her death so she, realistically, would’ve been a bag of bones, it is just one of several memorable moments. “The English Patient” is just beautiful film making, it is like a necklace strung with the most lustrous pearls in the world.

 Apart from that, the last of the beetroot have been harvested from the vege patch, the corn stalks are nearly as high as an elephant’s eye and I hope they make some corn before the frosts come, the cabbages are feeding an army of white butterfly and I’m not sure what to do about that.

The last of the apple was stewed with some rhubarb and some cranberry juice and is safely tucked into the freezer and the pears are ripening on the table. We will be able to withstand a siege if someone decides to try to starve us out.

I share this gem with you because I love it…

So true



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