A Leap Year of Oscars

Today is the 29th of February, Leap Year day. I have known two people born on the 29th of February in my life, one would be 52 today and the other wouldn’t, because he’s dead. It is also the day when, apparently, women can propose to men. I listened this morning on Newstalkzb as a brave woman proposed to her boyfriend of four years live on air and won herself a $6000 diamond ring. He seemed genuinely pleased and was aware of the competition. It started me thinking, if I could propose to anyone today, who would it be? I have decided it would be Kermit. Think about it, he can sing and he can tell jokes and he doesn’t take up much room, no wardrobe space, cheap to feed and if he annoys me, I can chuck him in the washing machine. Seems ideal.

Also provides me with a segue to the Oscars. New Zealander Brett McKenzie won an Oscar this week for writing a song for the muppet movie. Good for him. I’ve never watched Flight of the Concords but I know people who have and they swear it is very funny.

I didn’t watch the ceremony itself but I did catch a little of the red carpet. Enough to see Sacha Baron Cohen tip an urn of ashes (supposedly of dead dictator Kim Jong-Il) over Ryan Seacrest, who managed not to cry. The question everyone was asking everyone was ‘who are you wearing’? Presumably they meant ‘which designer’. If Seacrest had any sense of humour he could have opened every subsequent interview with, “I’m wearing Kim Jong-Il, who are you wearing?’

 There were some gorgeous dresses, Meryl Streep, Jo-Lo, Penelope Cruz, Stacey Kleiber (Cloony’s current squeeze) but for me the ‘dress story’ was Octavia Spencer in her Tadashi Shoji beaded white gown. Apparently she’d had many offers from different designers but she stuck with the Japanese designer who has dressed her throughout this awards season. And it was an inspired choice, the gown was perfect for her body shape and made her look amazing.

As far as the winners…haven’t seen any of the films, but Streep did what she does best, impersonates someone to a tee. She’s a brilliant actress but I prefer her when she’s playing a fictional role. Christopher Plummer is a gem and I’ve loved him ever since he called one of my favourite musicals, “The Sound of Mucus.” I’m sure that his award was richly deserved. And Jean Dujardin played a role without using one of an actor’s greatest tools, his voice…..I shouldn’t criticise the choice of best movie because I haven’t seen the film, but “The Artist” is a silent, black and white movie. Was at least a part of the reason it won because it’s so different?  

When you think about it Charles Laughton, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Helen Mirren, Colin Firth and Meryl Streep have all won Oscars playing real-life famous English people and numerous other people have been nominated. Perhaps one key to winning an Oscar is to star in a film about a real-life famous English person?

Went to the horse trial yesterday, poured with rain, thunder, lightening, the horse slipped as it ran and did not do well. After that race the trials were abandoned. Got very cold and wet..but it was still fun and exciting.

Today, inbetween writing, I shall be making marrow/tomato/date chutney to make use of a glut of marrows, stewing some more apples and stewing some more plums for the deep freeze.  In the middle of winter we shall be glad of the stewed bounty of a long forgotten summer.


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