From Homeland to Strike Back via The Shadow Line

“It’s not classical music if the composer finished it this afternoon!” Jed Bartlett, The West Wing. One of my favourite quotes from the second series. I also love that he goes to hear the new piece, played by the Reykjavik Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Centre, and loves it.

Another episode from ‘Life with Mother.’ My highly intelligent cat, Chloe, comes in just before it gets dark and has her evening meal. I don’t call her, she seems to have her own clock that brings her in about the same time every night. Then she potters around the house, checking on things, before settling down on her favourite piece of furniture, me. The windows behind the sofa that Mother relaxes on give a great view of the side garden. Just recently Chloe has taken to leaping up onto that ledge and waiting just long enough for Mum to forget she’s there. Then she takes an acrobatic leap onto the top of the sofa and down onto the seat beside Mum and onto the floor. Gets her every time. I SWEAR she is doing it on purpose. It reminds me of a character in a recent Stephen King novel, a dumb cop, who refers to the ‘elephant of surprise.’

This afternoon we are going to see some young horses trial. One of them is a horse called “Strictly Time” which is part-owned  by Mum, Nana T, and her twin sister, Nanna M. It’s a lovely filly and has been working very well, so we’ll see how it goes in starting gates and against other young horses. I shall report back tomorrow.

Had some nice comments about the books recently. A guy called Duncan told me he read “In Vino Veritas” sitting on Coopers Beach and drinking red wine and reading it on his kindle and it was thoroughly enjoyable and well written. Someone else, from Northern California, asked me for a PDF of Dad’s book for a friend who is retiring soon from the New Zealand Airforce and who doesn’t have an ereader, but would love to read it. I happily sent it. I love to think that people who know what it’s like to fly planes and serve their country, read and enjoy his writing. It still thrills me that nearly 7000 people around the world have read his words and enjoyed them. He was such a modest man and he would have been humbled.

So many great shows on TV at the moment! “Homeland” is brilliantly written and acted, Damien Lewis has one of those faces that shows his inner emotion effortlessly and Clare Danes is well cast. “The Shadow Line” is a touch arty in places, but has genuine suspense and Rafe Spall plays a psychotic young gangster better than I have ever seen anyone do it before and it’s helping me get into the mindset of the Lanes (if you’ve read “Vino” you’ll know what I mean)…and “Strike Back.” Well, we have the second series here so we’ve missed all the episodes with Richard Armitage (played Lucas North in ‘Spooks’) but this is just GREAT. Based on Chris Ryan’s book. We had three episodes recorded on My Sky and sat down to watch the first one and it was SO good we watched all three, back to back. I was so tense at one point Chloe could feel it and refused to stay cuddling in my arms.  We still have “Great Expectations” to see and are also recording “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”, Dickens died before it was finished so it will be interesting to see how it ends.

All this and “West Wing” too, how spoiled can one person be? Off to harvest more beetroot from the garden for lunch. Happy days.






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