From new life to plagiarism and cats

Isn’t new life a wonderful thing? Little Dyfan was born yesterday. He weighs 8lbs 80zs and his mother describes him as “huge and healthy.” His name is Welsh for David and there is no doubt about it, he will be a Cymro Bach (little Welshman). His elder brother, Lucas, is as proud as punch and ready to lead him by the hand into the big wide world. Eventually there will be someone else to be the rest of the world in backyard rugby when Lucas is the All Blacks. Can’t wait to see him and have a cuddle.

In other news I see the self publishing world is all A-Twitter because someone called Kay Manning took a short story belonging to Liz Fielding and ‘rewrote’ it by changing the characters names and the location and published it on Amazon and Smashwords as her own. When she was outed she apologised and said she put the story in the wrong folder on her desktop and thought it was one she’d written herself, so she ‘polished’ it and published it. Wrong choice lady, if you are going to plagiarise someone (and one hopes you’re not) then don’t choose a well-known writer with lots of fans. I think I’ll just take ‘The Green Mile’ and switch the location to Mount Eden jail in Auckland and change the names and make the main character a huge Maori bloke and hope no one minds??

It’s annoying on one level, but incredibly frustrating on another because you wonder if it tarnishes the reputation of all self published ebook authors. Especially in the eyes of traditional authors. The percentage of people who steal other writers’ work is incredibly low and yet it makes everyone seem less honest. Just because there is no filter, you can upload almost anything and the only person who makes decisions is the buyer, it feels like people take advantage of that.

I don’t buy much from the fruit and vege shop these days, yesterday’s lunch included beetroot, carrots and lettuce from the garden, last night’s dinner included lovely new potatoes, marrow and courgette from roadside stalls and blueberries from another stall. But I do buy bananas as the Waikato climate is not conducive to the growing of bananas, and next door to the fruit and vege shop is a pet shop. I pop in and say ‘hi’ to the inmates and let them have a lick and a gnaw on a finger.

Yesterday they had three chocolate labrador puppies, all sad eyes and big paws. They also had a Bengalese kitten, four months old. As it grows the markings will darken and the coat will lighten so the colouring will be even more dramatic. It’s a female and all its brothers and sisters have gone so it’s lonely and loves to play and play fight. Apparently, it loves water and can be taught to sit and come to you on command and walk on a lead and it certainly has that Asiatic ‘cry’. It is also $600 and I went home and cuddled my Chloe, who cost $125 from the SPCA and has the loveliest nature in the world and does wonderful catty stretchy exercises and doesn’t cry at all, she just chirrups.


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