Afternoon Enchantment

Yesterday I picked Lucas up from school at 3pm. It was hot. A really hot Summer day. We went to Lillypad, a local cafe and sculpture park. We wandered through the gardens and looked at ceramic animals of all shapes and sizes and discussed the sculptures made from bits of metal and engines. The lady in the art shop was fantastic and she explained to him how everything was made. We played in the sand pit. There was no one else around so we could bury treasure on a pirate infested island and play sandstorms and quicksand.

Then we went and had a cool refreshing swim. There are few sensations I love more than diving into cool water on a baking hot day. He is very confident on the kickboard now and motors up and down the pool by himself. There’s a blowup orca and I was the penguin going out to sea to get fish for my baby and running the gauntlet of the orca to get back to the ice. All hail the “Frozen Planet.” Picking up a delighted child so he can pluck a ripe plum from a tree is up there with my favourite things and it was a perfect Summer afternoon.

This morning I am formatting the new book for Amazon and Smashwords and soon it will be launched on an unsuspecting world. Then this afternoon I shall pick up my buddy and we may well go blueberry picking, or if it is just too hot for that we may come home and paint plaster dinosaurs with paint and glitter.

It’s like having a grandchild or a great-nephew all to yourself, with time and patience to explore the world through the great questioning eyes of a child. He asks questions constantly, what do frogs eat? Why are the big goldfish separate from the small goldfish? How do these rocks hold the sun’s heat? How do you make metal bits stick together? Why do spiders have eight legs? If I don’t have the answer he often has a plausible opinion and we discuss how we’ll find the answer. His imagination goes from one story to the next with lightening speed and he can play five different games with one spade and a pit of sand, add a tip truck and a rake and you’ve got five more.

On the way home from the farm we played dinosaur music and sang (or croaked as the case may be) along to “Triceratops Rock” and “I am a Stegosaurus and you can call me Pete.”  These are our afternoons and this is a summer of discovery, I know who is the most blessed and it ain’t Lucas.



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