Breast versus Bottle

There is a bit of a battle raging here at the moment about breast-feeding. I was hesitant to enter into the debate because I’ve never engaged in breast-feeding and perhaps that means I don’t have the right to an opinion. However, I’ve never smoked but I am entitled to think it’s daft…

My Mum was, by her own admission, a ‘terrible cow’. She tried to breastfeed her first child for a little while, but he screamed and didn’t thrive. Eventually the Plunket nurse told her that the kid was starving and she should start bottle feeding, he blossomed and quieted down immediately. So the rest of us were bottle fed and we turned out OK.

Surely it’s an individual decision and will be the combination of many factors? I think the concept of women harassing other women for bottle feeding is just plain ridiculous. What business is it of theirs? The one aspect that I found most disquieting was the removal of a clip of Piri Weepu (current All Black half back)  bottle feeding his young daughter from a social engineering “anti smoking” message. For God’s sake people!! What are we all horrified by? Child abuse. Here we have a perfect role model, the kind of role model NZ men look up to most, and what is he doing? Showing responsibility, care and tenderness towards his young baby. So what do we do? We cut it from the clip. Makes me want to scream with frustration.  It is political correctness gone mad and it makes me despair of our country ever getting out of the grip of nut-case minority lobby groups.

On a happier note, I had Lucas again after school yesterday for the first time in about three weeks. It was his first day back, new teacher, new classroom, new place for bags and shoes and new work. He was SO pleased to see me. He has the lovely teacher, not the ‘other’ one who has the other class of second years, he has the one who will help him to thrive, he has a real desk all of his own and he is very close to Brody his best friend. It was an AWESOME day and he is very happy.

It’s a lovely Summer day and this afternoon we might just go for a swim, then again maybe the playground will call, or fishing in the lake, or we could go blueberry picking whilst the season is still in full swing. His Mum is due to have her bump in about two weeks so these will be our last two weeks together for a while, a time full of fun and laughter and exploring and memories. As he said when we passed the playground yesterday, “so much to do and so little time, maybe we should stay up all night. I’d like to be nocturnal.” He is not your average five year old.


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  1. M.C.V. Egan
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 11:39:40

    I loved this postyou have very right to have an opinion on breast feeding. I chose to breast feed Austin, and I had the freedom to do so as a stay at home Mom, what some of my working Mom friends put themselves through to breast feed, I can assure you they question if it had merit. My son had terrible eczema and I was told to have a special diet, which I followed religiously and the poor child, who still has food allergies, and was allergic to the protien in MY MILK had a rough first 8 months, then I switched to a hypo-allerginic formula and within a few days he had perfect non itchy skin, no more oozing. I would like to believe that I gave him some good things with my milk, (and I had enough to feed a small village), but frankly I wonder. had I ever chosen to have a second child, I can assure you that I would have gone straight to hypo-allergenic formula. Here in America the huge imposing discussion these days is about birthcontrol! Again, please women Live and let LIVE!


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