A silent rant

I’m blogging today instead of talking. In July of last year I caught a bug, a very bad cold which went to my voice box and gave me laryngitis. I lost my voice for nearly a month. And when it came back it was hoarse and still is when I’m tired. I have yet to get my singing voice back fully but it is starting to come back, very slowly. I have some low notes and a few mid notes, no top notes at all.

Two days ago I sneezed a few times and felt a bit like I had a head full of cotton wool. For less than a day I had a very slight head cold, then it went straight to my voice box and my voice is gone again. Raspy and sore. So I am not speaking, I am nodding a lot and feeling very frustrated.

We got a new ‘toy’ yesterday. My brother has given us My Sky for Christmas. We had an ordinary Sky decoder, but now we can record and watch things and record other things and see a much better picture and sound. Last night I recorded West Wing, just for fun. And overnight it recorded about six other programmes. Tonight there’s not much on TV so we’ll watch some of our pre-recorded stuff and think we’re very clever as we play with our new toy! I have some things on series link so they will record every week.

As of next Tuesday afternoon I have Lucas back afterschool as his school is back. His Mum is hanging on, she’s due in three weeks and as she’s never carried past 29 weeks before, this is quite an achievement. I have some crafty things for us to do, painting plaster dinosaurs etc. and some new books about animals. Gemma says he’s missed me very badly, I’ve missed him too, but I’ve also made use of some valuable writing time.

So I am off to swear silently at the mirror and get back to work. Meanwhile Chloe sits on the window ledge and waits for me to tell her she’s a good girl. I remember very well what it was like last year, you lose your voice and you become invisible.



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