Sky High Customer Service

One last word about the tennis, because it’s worthy of it. WOW. Five hours and fifty five minutes of struggle. I watched the first set and a half and went to bed thinking Nadal would win. Sky replayed it yesterday, all afternoon. How they kept upright, let alone running around and hitting terrific tennis shots is beyond me. Shame there had to be a loser really.

I like to bring you innovative design things and I think these are a cool idea. You can get them at a shop in Sydney and through the website, someone should import them to NZ.

Yesterday I went to a fair at our local Church. Not your average Church fair, a massive collectors and craft fair. Highlights: some plaster dinosaurs to paint, a punnet of mini cabbage plants (apparently the cabbage head is perfect for one meal for two) for the vege garden, a gorgeous handmade birthday card and little something for inside it for a special niece who has a birthday next month and a delicious waffle cone of blueberry ice-cream made with fresh organic blueberries. I LOVE markets and I love pottering around looking at the clever things people make, garden ornaments from old iron or concrete or glass mosaics, little windmills and paddleboats powered by rubber bands and clay birds that tweet when you blow into them. I met a man who offered to give me free painting lessons and another stallholder invited me to come and have wood-turning lessons.

On the ‘not so good’ list yesterday our Sky TV stopped working at 8.20pm. We were in the middle of a British drama called “Five Days” which Mum thinks is boring and I think is an engrossing character study (Penelope Wilton has to be one of the most underrated actors anywhere) and the husband turned his head and froze and stayed that way. For five minutes I thought it was something that had affected the whole of Sky, a power outage or someone had blown up the station. I tried the website, no mention of anything, sat on hold for customer service on the phone for about 20 mins then decided to check Twitter and Facebook. No mention of anything. By this stage it was about 9pm and the man’s head was still turned and frozen. The remote didn’t work and I couldn’t turn the decoder off either. The Tv worked fine and I could play DvDs.

Nothing for it but to get on the phone again.  You go through an automated system to identify your issue and your service and then you wait. Every so often a recorded cheery voice tells you that your call is important to them and they have given you a higher priority in the queue. At 9.45 I got through to “David” and I nearly fell off the chair as I had gone to sleep. He apologised for the delay and told me that it was a public holiday. I nearly said, “no it isn’t, it is Auckland Anniversary Day, for most of the rest of the country it is a normal working day, except it is now night.” But I didn’t and he told me to turn my TV/SKY off at the wall. He rebooted it and in about 60 seconds all was back to normal. Except it was the programme after the programme after the one we’d been watching and the man had long ago turned his head back. Well, I hope so for his sake.


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  1. Ruth Burns Warrens
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 05:54:45

    Enjoy Penelope Wilton – and Maggie Smith & Judi Dench & & & – in the trailer of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Can’t wait for it to come out (opens here in the next week or so)


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